Friday, December 27, 2013

Long Story Short

Yes I gained weight over the Christmas holiday. Yes it freaks me out a bit. But, I can go right back to my daily schedule!

New high, size 12 pants! A lot different than the size 28 I started with ;)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Weight Loss

Friday Weigh In

Weight Loss

Last weigh in: 163
This week's weight: 163
This week's weight loss: 0 lb
Total weight loss: 153 lbs

5 more lbs and I'll be at 50% weight loss!!! I can still say that!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Life With a Special Needs Child

God is good. This is why. When you have a special needs child, life is different. But, sometimes you forget that your life is different. For example, yesterday L was making a whole bunch of crazy, silly noises. Not unusual for him. It's not all the time but happens most often when he's playing hard at home. But, for some reason, maybe because I was in the middle of making over 4 dozen cookies and a pan of magic bars it caught my attention (it doesn't always) and well, sometimes quite frankly, it's annoying. And to be brutly truthful, we do not live in an ASD (Austim Spectrum Disorder) world. So, I do feel it's our responsibility to train him up in the way he should go, both Biblically and emotionally as much as I an possibly do. So, I tell him, "L, stop. That's annoying." And he does. For a minute. And then well, it tends to blend into my psyche and I don't hear it. 

Last week we had leaps and bounds of a major breakthrough with him. Our children's Christmas program at church. Our kids do two services. One at 9 am and again at 11 am. Well, we decided what would be best for him, would be one show. 11 am. We had seats as close to the stage as possible, in case he needed to be walked away quickly. The reason why this was such a breakthrough was not long ago, 6 months maybe, his end of the year concert at school he was all over the place. I was sitting in my seat crying on the inside wondering why in the world neither his gen ed or especially his ASD teacher were doing anything. So, mama bear rose up in me. I got out of my seat, walked in front of a crowd of at least 100 people and stood their with my child. Holding his hand. His shoulders. Reminding him to stand still. Trying to get him to participate with his neurotypical peers. Finally on the last song, he did. 

Fast forward 6 months to last week, L stood on stage by himself, with only the occasional rub on the back reminders from one of the (awesome) adult actors on stage to turn around. He hammed it up. Waving to people. Giving thumbs up to his dad. He sang every song. Stood when he was supposed to. Sat when he was supposed to. 

Then what came after I was not prepared for. The comments from adults. A good friend said her husband leaned over and said "hey L is up there". My baby blended in with NT friends. For a special needs mom, this is HUGE. Our children's pastor's wife, with tears in her eyes, said she didn't know who she enjoyed watching more, L or us watching L. 

Compliments on from all of our friends only encourages me to continue to fight for him and be his advocate. Because I know HE CAN DO IT!!! He's shown us he can!!!

Our church, what a blessing. I'm so thankful for the time and sheer energy they put into him. I hope we are doing the same by pouring into their kids when we work our weeks in kidmin. 

So to all of you that had compliments, thank you. It drives me to keep pushing him. Keep pushing through red tape when it happens. Keep pushing for things he deserves and needs. He is constantly getting better with time. And most of all, with God's Hand!!!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Weigh In

Last weigh in: 163.8
This week's weight: 163
This week's weight loss: -0.8 lb
Total weight loss: 153 lbs

I have no idea what I was last week. I think the same. I think if I make it through all of our Christmas festivities and maintain, I should be happy. 

5 more lbs and I'll be at 50% weight loss!!!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Weigh In

Last week's weight: 164.8
This week's weight: 163.8
This week's weight loss: -1 lb
Total weight loss: 152.2 lbs

Considering we had a big birthday weekend that consisted of a several day celebration for my husband and Thanksgiving thrown in this week, I'll take it!! I did see a lower number yesterday (163.2) but that was before we ate our Thanksgiving meal. How did y'all do? I tried to stay mainly liquid until we went to eat at my parents house. My plan was to eat on a small plate. That didn't happen. I did mainly eat my protein first, drank very little calories (that didn't include protein i.e. protein shake) and a bunch of water (101.4 oz). Other than that I tried not to overthink it. I over analyze every piece of food I put in my mouth now, which is both good and bad. I think it could eventually drive me to the point of madness if I don't start using it constructively or wisely. 

As you can tell by numbers above, I've almost lost 1/2 of my body weight. I have about 6 more lbs to go. In my really fast losing stage that would take 2 weeks. Now, probably more like 6. This is my goal. I've never outwardly said it on my blog. 158. My goal. 

My clinic on the other hand would like to see more like 140-145. Then I would be in the "normal" BMI range. Right now I'm still considered overweight. 

But I'm getting there. My lapband is just over 18 months old now. We keep pushing on.

One thing I would like to point out is how many plateaus I've hit in this journey. A ton!! But, having this tool is so different for me because it was never like a diet. A diet I would easily give up and go back to my old ways. Even knowing how many calories and fat grams were in something, I'd still eat it. Now, it's made it's way into my brain. Things are a lot easier to turn down. Do I always? No. Do I try? Absolutely!

I'll give you an example. The other day our company received an honor for being one of the best companies to work for. Two of the recruiters in our office made their way to the party and brought back cupcakes. I ate one. A few days later they passed out special candy bars with special packaging as a thank you, I did two things, first looked at the fat grams (20!!!) and second to see if it was nut free (was thinking about taking it home to my family - nope). So I gave it to one if the recruiters. So, I made a better choice. Could I have eaten it? Oh absolutely! But 20 g of fat? In ONE candy bar. Not worth it. 

I'm still learning as I go. Still losing but almost at the point of maintenance. I think if I get to 158 I should be proud and happy. If I never lose another lb I have lost 1/2 my body weight. But still work towards the 140-145 mark and see if I can get there. Might take me a while. Weight fell of FAST at first. Not so much anymore. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Friday/Saturday Weigh Ins

Last week's weight: 165.8
This week's weight (Friday): 165.6
This week's weight (Saturday): 164.8
This week's weight loss: -1 lb
Total weight loss: 151.2 lbs

I was quite irritated yesterday when I saw the scale. Only -0.2 lbs. I know last week I talked about being in plateau. I actually just talked that out with my hubby yesterday too. I told him maybe the shock of the tummy tuck and subsequent weight loss after has put my body into shock mode (it's happened before when I lost a big amount in a short time) and now my brain is telling my body to slow down for some reason. Also, I'm sure, even though I was counting them, the stinkin Tootsie Rolls that have been plaguing my house, have not been helping!!

So this week's challenges are my husband's birthday weekend (it started yesterday - which you can see I had success so far - and by the way his actual birthday was yesterday) and Thanksgiving.  

Last Thanksgiving I was still "learning my band" and had a PB episode during dinner. Fun. I sincerely doubt we shall have a repeat of that. 

Today is a big Whovian day, which for my husband for it to fall on his birthday weekend is fantastic. It's the 50th anniversary of when Doctor Who first appeared on the telly. Big deal at our house :)

Kids are doing great at school. M made the A-B honor roll!! L is making strides at school and improvements. His gen ed and ASD teacher did a combined parent/teacher conference with me. He's making friendships with neurotypical kids which will help him!!!

How was your week?

Friday, November 15, 2013

This week's weigh in.....I've been a boring blogger lately

Last week's weight: 167.2
This week's weight: 165.8
This week's weight loss: -1.4 lbs
Total weight loss: 150.2 lbs

I always seem to self sabotage on the weekends and a teeny bit on the week days. I'm almost wondering if I feel like I'm getting towards maintenance OR if I'm in a plateau. Either way, I'd like to get to MY personal goal of 158. If I ever saw 140, I'd be thrilled. When I was losing 3 lbs a week, that wouldn't be that too far off. Either goal. Now it feels almost as far away as 150 lbs lost felt like. But really, I need to wrap my brain around, I'VE LOST 150 LBS! I need to get over myself. I'm wearing a size 14, maybe a 12 if I tried. I tried on my daughter's size 9 (that are probably a bit too big for her) jeans today. I could pull them up. Button. Zip. Wear. No way. 

Ok, how are you?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Friday's Weigh In

Last week's weight: 165.8
This week's weight: 167.2
This week's weight loss: +1.4 lbs
Total weight loss: 148.8 lbs

I'ma couple days late. Did I really want to post this?  Nope. Do I have legitimate excuses? You mean like my son's birthday effecting it, maybe. But at this point nothing is really an excuse anymore. It is what it is. So, I press on and try to work harder. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

8 Years Ago Today. A Note.

Even though I wrote about L's birth story yesterday (I thought we'd be way too busy today) I thought I'd show you what I put on FB today. 

8 years ago today, I had THE scariest day of my life. When I thought I was losing my child I prayed as best I could, joked around to keep my very high blood pressure down as much as I could and when people found out what was happening prayer was spreading like wild fire. Even someone who didn't know what was going on, had a notion to pray for me at a certain time that day and it was the exact time everything was happening. 

L you may have been the scariest birth story I've ever encountered (notice you have no younger siblings) but you have such a light in you that only God Himself can give. We are so proud of all the accomplishments you have made. You read at a higher level than you should. Math you are probably doing the same. Life has thrown you a ton of lemons baby boy but you just look at them and say, "eh, lemons" and don't even bother to make lemonade. You make your own way in this world. You are kind and loving. Sweet and the funniest little guy I know. 

God knew right whose house you belonged too. You admire Sissy. Love your Daddy and put up with all mommies kisses. 

Happy 8th birthday (not my baby) anymore. We love you.


Saturday, November 2, 2013

8 Years Ago....Tomorrow

In case my day gets away from me tomorrow (which Sundays usually do with church and all) I'm posting this a day early. 

Just a may want to have tissues readily available before reading this.  It is a little lengthy, but well worth the time to read!

Here is what happened 8 years ago (yesterday and today): - again pretend you are reading this tomorrow -

Eight years ago yesterday (today) was a Wed. night and I went to the hospital to be observed because my blood pressure was really high. I had an appt. on Thursday for an NST (non-stress test) and to see the dr. at 10 and 10:50 am. 

I was hooked up to the NST machine and things were fine. The baby’s heartrate wasn’t doing a whole of lot of reacting when they were moving, but still fine. Then all of a sudden the heartrate drops off. I thought the baby had moved. So, I waited and no one came. You see the NST room is in the back of the office where no one is and I get forgotten about. I tried moving it around and finally decided to go find a nurse asst. She came back in and couldn’t find it. She got another nurse asst. and she couldn’t find it. They got the Doppler, still couldn’t find it. 

They take me up front to see the doctor. She gets out the Doppler and can’t find the heartrate. She brings the ultrasound machine into the room and calls the other doctor into the room. Of course by now I am crying. The other doctor came in the room. They were trying to whisper over my head. Then I am not sure if they could find the heartbeat or not, finally they did and began counting. The heartrate what I know now was in the 70’s. 

By now they are calling 911. I had to get my cell phone and call P and my mom. P was taking M to the doctors because she was so sick. I had to track him down in the waiting room and to have them tell him to come because they were rushing me to the hospital by ambulance. Then I remembered to call back (even in the midst of craziness) to tell them I wasn’t going to the hospital we had planned on but to the one closest to my doctor’s office.

They called 911. They put me in an ambulance and we had a police escort to the hospital. I found out later that my blod pressure in the ambulance was 200/150.

I got to the hospital at approximately 12:00 pm and our baby BOY was born at 12:10 pm. He was born on Thursday, November 3rd at 12:10 pm. He weighed 8 lbs. 9 oz. and was 19 inches long. He has a head full of dark hair with natural highlights!

When the doctor came out to inform P & M the baby had been born, she had hugged M and said you have a beautiful baby brother (we didn't know what we were having), then she hugged P and began to cry and kept saying "I can't get it out". In that moment P thought I had passed away. But, she was just
so overwhelmed by the entire events of the day that she had to relieve some of the stress. And we'll, she's a woman too. 

God was there with us that day. He protected L from all the harm that could have come to him. He protected me throughout the surgery and in the ambulence where my blood pressure was extremely high.

That's what happened 8 years ago today (tomorrow). 

Even on the bad days when ASD is in high doses in our house, we can easily recall the events of this day and remember that L could EASILY not be here.  Or he could have cerebal palsy.  Or many other things could have went wrong that day.

L, you are the funniest, smartest, sweetest, cutest boy I know!!  And yes, to quote anything you memorize (lately the Christmas program) but just a little reminder from the Veggie Tales God made you special and He loves you very much.  And so do we!!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Weigh In

Last week's weight: 167.8
This week's weight: 165.8
This week's weight loss: 2 lbs
Total weight loss: 150.2 lbs

What?!?! That's crazy to me. 

It was a wet, windy not overly cold Halloween here. We trick and treated for about an hour. I had a football player and 
Amy Pond at house, how about you?

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Weigh In

10/18 Weigh in: 170.2 lbs
10/11 Weigh in 169.2 lbs

So what happened that week, my birthday. That's what happened. Then on 10/18 my dad had major surgery. The surgeon went in saying he was hoping just to do it (remove a polyp from my dad's stomach) laprosopic and he'd be home in 3-4 days.  But, depending on where it was and other circumstances, they may have to open him up and oh yeah, there's the possibility that I might have to take out half of your stomach.  Well, they ended up not being able to do it laprosopic, however, they were able to only remove the polyp and he still has his stomach!!! 

You know the time when they are about to take you into surgery and the anesthiologist is going over everything one more time? Well, that was the time my great-great aunt l, who is almost 93 and usually lives with my parents but is currently rehabbing at a nursing home (whew), they call and tell my mom that they think she's had a stroke! Talk about awful timing. So, between all of that and my son has had some awful ASD days. My daughter was struggling (she pushes herself when it comes to school) with algebra this week but my hubby said he saw the light bulb go on and that's an awesome indication that she is finally getting it. So, long story short, I saw 174. something this week. Freaked me out a bit. So, P hid my scale and I ate better. No more stress eating!!!!

This Week's Weight: 167.8 lbs
Weekly Loss: 2.4 lbs
Total Loss: 148.2 lbs

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Weigh In

10/8 Weigh in (forgot to do a weigh in last week): 172.2 lbs (which has been roughly my weight for the last week or so bouncing up and down but right around that)
This Week's Weight: 170.2 lbs
Weekly Loss: 2 lbs
Total Loss: 145.8

Listen, this lap band thing and certainly this tummy tuck thing is not easy BUT I am soooooo grateful and thankful. And would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Before and Right Now Pics

So, I posted a pic on Instagram and Facebook yesterday of me before. It's of me and my daughter in 2009.  This was a reminder to NEVER go back. I know the scale fluctuates. But to NEVER go back!!!

I wish I would have had my hubby take a full shot pic of me on Sunday. I had on a new size (for me) jeans and a slenderizing black t-shirt for church (yep, we are that kind of church!) and I felt thinner looking. So, I do have a "selfie" I took. Please note my hair is a tint of green because we launched a bunch of stuff that day and I was trying to make it more fun for the kids. 

So here I am at about 172.2. Above, probably around 316ish. Big difference. 

One of the best decisions of my life. Is the lap band easy?? Um, NO!!! Is it possible? Most definitely!!  Is it work? Absolutely!!! Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!!!

In tummy tuck and other news, I'm having my belly button revision today. And I go back to work on Monday. I haven't worked since mid-June. I hope my brain remembers everything!!!!! My boss is the best. I am also hoping to schedule my incision revision today too. It'll be during Christmas break (fun huh?). But, I figure I've taken enough time off work. And my plastic surgeon said it shouldn't be a big deal. 


Monday, September 30, 2013

Oops. Need to blog more.

Well, I WAS down to 172, and then we had a foodie kinda weekend. And quite frankly I am still majorly recovering from my tummy tuck so I'm not overly worried. And I think I've figured out my life with food. Yes, the scale is going to go up every now and again. But, then you go back to the things you know to do. Protein, water (which by the way since my surgery I've MAJORLY upped my water intake so I am patting myself on the back for that) and well, exercise.  Can't exercise so protein and water it is. And I have to be careful too. I have NO fluid in my band. And I really need to figure out when I am going to go do that. 

Oh and just to throw it in there, have I mentioned that I'm getting REALLY good at wound care?? Unless you ask, you don't want to know. But, ask me would I have the tummy tuck again, YES!!!!

My plan was to do it (my fill) right before I go back to work (Oct. 14) however, I am having my belly button revision surgery 6 days before I go back to work and my port got moved to right above my belly button and let me tell you my whole belly is tender to the touch as it is. So, I'm not quite sure what to do. My goal was to go back to work and be 175. Well, I'm already under that. So maybe I just need to relax. Story of my life by the way. 

So here's a few pics I thought you would enjoy. 

My girl right before having her braces removed:

And right after (FYI - Invisalign retainers - spoiled kids!!):

Did I show you first day school pics?? Here is M - 8th grade:

And here is L - 2nd grade:

L has seasonal asthma and it decided to kick in, so he had to breathing treatments for a bit:

Here's a selfie of me on our way to our church's small group that we lead. We had a road rally (no I didn't participate, I sat at the church and tallied points):

Well, I think that's about it for now. Hope all is well in your world. On the right side of my blog you can see the blogs I read. That Molly Girl is having her surgery tomorrow, head on over to her blog and wish her luck, give her your best advice or simply say hello!!

Bye guys!!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Weigh In

Well, I just realized I haven't blogged. My tummy tuck surgery is healing, ok. More on that later. But, I'm having some other medical issues and well, I'm a hurtin' people. 

So, let me give a little update on my weigh in. My last weigh in online was when I went in for my surgery, 3 weeks ago. I still do not have any fluid in my band currently. 

Last Weigh in: 188.6 lbs
This Week's Weight: 173 lbs
3 Week Loss of: 15.6 lbs
Total Loss: 143 lbs

Now, please keep in mind that 9 of those lbs were from the surgery. But, this girl I've been downing water in my handy dandy (yes, I know my clinic doesn't like straws but it's working for me right now) Doctor Who TARDIS cup. Wanna see it?

So, back to my tummy tuck. Am I skinny minnie? Well, no. I still weigh 173. But, all that excess skin is GONE. The stuff that was bothering me. This is TRULY a personal choice. And more power to anyone who chooses different. But because my original weight was so high, I imagine at some point in my life that skin would have become a health hazard. 

Onto my issues. So, two things that are kinda typical have happened. My belly button (ya know the new one) and a spot on my incision line aren't quite healing the way they are supposed too. So, I'll have a couple of revision surgeries in a few months. I'm not worried. I trust my doctor. 

My husband took me to get a few things so that when I feel up to church or when I can finally go back to work I have clothes. I can't even believe I'm saying this but I bought leggings!!! They were XL but they weren't in the plus size section. And I also got some boots that go to my knees. I've never had them before. I love them. 

Here's the best part of the story. I shopped at Target and well I changed my mind about two sweaters I bought. So my precious husband returned them, went to Old Navy with a text that I had written for the sales associate to read and he came home with two adorable sweaters. He's really never shopped for me. Good job babe. 

So parts of me still are XL. A couple of tshirts and a tank were XXL but I'm still really swollen and was told maybe 6-12 months before I see all results. 

So that's me. Email me if your bored. Send a comment. I'm just laying around!!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finally Feel Like Blogging

Well I did it!!! I had my tummy tuck on August 30th! And yes, you can tremendously tell a major difference. But, I have a lot of swelling still. So, I probably won't really see results until at least 6 months. Some say up to a year!!

How did it go?!?!  Well, I'm gonna give TMI info here so if you aren't ready to read then don't!!!!

I have bulging discs and the 23 hr stay beds they keep in you in over night are not conducive to those. So, I could NOT see any abdomen pain through my back pain. It was AWFUL. And it stayed that way until I spoke with our office's medical assistant on Sunday. She spoke with the doctor and a muscle relaxer has saved the day. 

Ok, TMI #2. I have some bowel issues. Specifically a fissure. Add in constipation from pain meds and we have some SERIOUS issues. SERIOUS issues. Please pray. 

TMI #3, belly button and fat necrosis. I have some issues that will need some minor procedures to correct and make look really good. 

So, with all that honesty. Would I do it again? Probably. I don't have fat hanging way down like I did. She even got some of my love handle stuff :)

My weigh in the other morning was 176. That is a total loss of 140 lbs. My previous goal was to weigh 140-145. I think I'd be happy at 155-158. 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Weigh In

Last Week's Weight: 188.6
This Week's Weight: 187
Weekly Loss: -1.6 lbs
Total Loss: 129 lbs

Today's the day!! In about 20 mins we'll be hopping in my minivan and off to the hospital we shall go!! It's tummy tuck day!!  I took advice and had my hubby take two before shots. Please ignore my big giant forehead. I look like a bobble head. 

Let's do this (I'm scared!!!!)!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Quick Blog - NSV??

My blood pressure today with a small cuff, 112/74 :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Weigh in

Last week I didn't post. I was just plain irritated. I was up from the week previous. So here we go. 

Last week's weight: 189.6 (gained a lb from the week previous)
Today's weight: 188.6
Weekly Loss: -1 lb

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


1.  First and foremost, I officially have a teenager in my home. My daughter turns 13 today. 

2. Last week she took 9 of her girlfriends to a spa/salon and they all had either manis or pedis (she had both).  We had a treat/candy table set up

3. Then we went for Chicago pizza complete with TARDIS and bow tie cupcakes for my little Whovian. 

4. Weight loss. Last Friday I was up. My weight was 189.6. 

5. I had a surgical consultation this week.

6. I'm having surgery next week. More to follow in that.

7. We had VBS (vacation Bible school) this week. It was a success. My ASD son had his moments but all in all successful. 

8. I have to also go have my fluid removed (again) for this surgery. 

9. It's time for my abdominoplasty! Can you believe it?!?!!  Ugh. So needed. 

10. Here are some pics from my girl's day last week:

Edited to add: probably destroying this week's hard work with popcorn at the movies and froyo tonight for my girl's bday. Sigh. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Still Learning Lessons

I had my surgery in May of 2012.  That means this month my band is 15 months old.  I am STILL learning. 

The biggest thing I am learning.....QUIT WEIGHING MYSELF!!!  I'll only get disappointed!!!  YIKES! 

Ok, so what did I tell you all, Fridays are my weigh in day, right?  So, what did I do?  That's right, weighed myself today.  Bad idea.  Some how I managed to gain some weight.  Back to 190.2....sigh.  Could be water...could be that s'more I had with the kids last night (even though I counted every last calorie and fat gram I ate!!). 

So, what am I learning?  Only weigh myself once a week.  It will be my weight for the week.  It is the lowest you are going to be.  Your weight ebbs and flows like the ocean.  It will go up and down all week.  You are being counterproductive to yourself by weighing yourself EVERY day and only hurting yourself (especially at this stage of my weight loss) by looking at the scale.

So, my new challenge.....only Fridays.  Unless I am at the doctors and well, then it's just plain unavoidable.

So, what are you still learning post-op?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Weigh In

Last week's weight: 189.6 (on Thursday)
Today's weight: 188.6
Weekly Loss: -1 lb
Loss before surgery: -25 lbs
Loss since surgery: -102.4 lbs
Total loss: -127.4 lbs

I'll take it :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Good morning everyone!!

1.  Well, I think I need to officially change my weigh in day from Thursday to Friday because my weigh in time is 9 am (I know random but it feels like my lowest time of the morning before I can't stand not having anything to eat anymore). And I'm going back to work the day after Labor Day and my only day off during the week will be Fridays. So, the change. 

2.  Today's weigh in. Well, a 0.2 lb gain. Considering my weekend and yesterday, this is not bad. I weighed myself earlier in the week and let's just say I really worked my butt off this week and its a shame because had this been a normal week I would have seen a great loss. But since tomorrow is now my official weigh in day, there's still hope?!?!!

3.  New coffee fave, butter toffee with a half of a chocolate protein shake (skim milk and half of a scoop of chocolate protein powder already mixed together and used as creamer). Oh, I also use Splenda (or whatever Kroger or Walmart brand I bought). It took me awhile to get used to using Splenda vs sugar but its worth the no calories. 

4. Band still a little tight until early evening but I'm not overly concerned. The evening I'm not tight at all. So, I definitely don't think I'm in an overfill situation. I just told my husband as these last 19 lbs or so (really 20 I guess :-/) come off I will likely need an adjustment because I'm guessing the band will loosen up much like a belt would. 

5. I mentioned I'm going back to work the day after Labor Day. This comes with a challenge for me besides the obvious mom back to work, kids back to school, etc. I've lost 10 lbs so far this summer, hoping it'll be at least 15 by summer's end. So, my dress clothes don't fit. And well, when you don't work, you don't make money. You see where I'm going. 

6. Speaking of money, I get to spend some next week on my girl!! She turns 13 (GASP!!) on the 22nd but we are having her party on the 16th. Well, the first party (she's spoiled and will be having a few) with her friends. It's a nail salon party where the young ladies get to pick a mani or pedi and then they are getting a make up lesson from an esthetician. During this there will be a dessert and snack table set up with a pink and zebra theme available to them. Lunch of pizza will be followed complete with TARDIS and red bow tie cupcakes.  I bought goodie bags. Do 13 year olds still get goodie bags? It'll have a mani set in there (cuticle pusher thingy, nail clippers, nail file, etc), a pedi toe separator, a bottle of nail polish and a roll of zebra print duct tape. 

7. Tried running this week twice. Didn't get too far. I'm not very fast. I hate running. My hubby says I'll get better. I'll believe it when I see it. Did I mention I hate running? I just can't find a workout I like. Oh and by the way, last night just proves my point, tummy tuck. TOTALLY NECESSARY. Just gonna leave it at that. 

8. I've lost, as of today, 126.2. That's a ridiculous amount of weight. Yea I know you are probably doing the math, sigh, but I'm getting there. 

9. Does anyone besides Chelle and I care there is a new Doctor?????? I think he might be kinda cool. He's much older than Matt Smith, but I'm thinking he might have something up his sleeve. 

10. Got my hair trimmed this week and my eyebrows waxed. Ahhhh. 

Oh. Here's a couple of pics. One of my sweet boy on Sunday after church and one of me at our small group picnic. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Welcome to my Ten Thing Thursday Post :)

1. Well, my weigh in day has been on Thursdays. I did weigh myself this morning and really liked what I saw. 189.6. :) I'm coming along!!!!!!

2.  I have an appointment in approximately 3 weeks to begin a discussion and have an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon regarding skin removal surgery. I do want these surgeries cosmetically but based on the excess amount of skin I have, I imagine it's medically necessary as well. I do not plan on having anything done until I reach 170, even if she's willing to do it earlier. 

3. I've been thinking lately about all my tricks that have helped bring me the success I've had on this journey thus far and thought maybe I'd include them as the rest of my list. I know they may seem like old hat for some of you seasoned bandsters but for the newbies I hope they help!!

4. I always try to drink a bottle of water first thing in the morning. Before I eat something or drink a cup if coffee. In fact, I don't let myself have anything, most of the time until I've had that bottle of water.  Same thing before lunch. 

5. I've been pretty strict with myself on the 30 min before and 30 min after rule and drinking. 

6. Convenience foods. This was always a big downfall for me when I would "diet". It was a lot easier to grab a bag of chips than to cut celery or watermelon for a snack. So, I try to cut things up as soon as I get home from the grocery store. That way I have no excuses. 

7. I love ranch and dill dips for veggies. But the calorie and fat content isn't worth it. I do not like Greek yogurt. BUT, I found if you buy the plain (make sure it's plain and not vanilla - made that mistake once - um, gross) and mix in a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch either their ranch or dill dip into it, you get a low calorie, low fat, high protein snack!!!

8. Snacking. I'm notorious for snacking so I had to find alternatives. Pretzel crisps. Again, lower fat (actually I think they may almost be fat free), lower calorie and they give you the crunch you need. 94% fat free popcorn with Kernel Seasons flavoring. Laughing Cow cheese spread. And my go to often, light string cheese. Oh and my kids favorite I've had in the house since full liquids, sugar free fudgesicles. 

9. Going out to eat. Look at menus before you go and figure out what you are going to eat. If you have a game plan in mind, it's a lot easier than trying to figure out what's the healthiest/tastiest option. 

10. Know that if you aren't perfect it's ok but not to go back to old habits. You did a lot of hard to have this surgery. You want to loose weight and be healthy. So, don't sell yourself short. I've hit MANY, MANY plateaus in this journey I never thought I'd get out of. Really was stuck in the 220's forever!! But, if you push yourself and remind yourself you can so this, you can!!! 

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Well I'm currently in my car. And I'm trying to use Siri to blog. And I don't know if this is going to work. I don't know if I'm going to make sense. Or if it's going to be spelled correctly. For sound grammatically correct. But we're going to give it a shot. I have been quite tight with my lap band early in the morning through mid afternoon. Not quite sure why.

Do you ever feel tight? And why is it? I've heard that seasons and allergies affect your lap band. I've also heard hormones can affect your lap band. But I'm not sure what is affecting my band currently. So here I am dealing with the tightness trying to listen to my band.  Even last night during dinner we were having roast from the crockpot. I made a roast and measured out 4 ounces of meat  I ate 3 ounces and had an ounce left over.  I was proud of myself for actually listening to my band for once and for the first time in a long time. I threw away the last ounce as I just simply was done. This is the first time this is happened since I've had my surgery in a long time. And I didn't want to over eat. 

So tell me are you tight? I don't think I'm tight. I think it's just a little tighter than normal. And I think I'm okay with that. It's helping me stay in check. And it's helping me not over eat  I seem to be in a good losing track right now. And that of course is making me happy.

EDITED:  I HAD to correct the content Siri had wrong. Although, I got a little chuckle at hoe horrible some of it was!!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sabotage or Know Thyself?

Ok so I had a little loss last week. Only .6 lbs. so, here I am. Trying to do the elliptical a few times a week and well over the last couple of days I've lost more. 

I weighed myself on Friday and I was 193.2. I weighed myself today (Sunday) and I'm at 191.6. Hmmmm, ok. 

I'll take it but I'm not quite sure how. I've been keeping track. Drinking my water. My choices weren't that great. 

Knowing this and knowing my weigh in day is now 5 days away I have not had good choices today. Already. 

So, what is it? Do I know I'm going to have to work harder this week or did I just self sabotage?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Working Out

I hate it. I mean I hate it. Everyone keeps telling me once you get into the routine you'll feel good. 

Don't think so. But, thus is life. If I want to continue to lose weight and be healthy, I need to work out. 

What to do?? I have a gym membership that is going unused. I have been trying to be more active with the kids and around the house and yard. 

Still probably quite not enough. So, I got my butt up on the elliptical last night. Not for very long, but I did. 

First thing this morning I did one basic routine. Did I meet the standard to reps it wanted? Um, no. But, I did stay on the whole time and managed to burn:

So, who knows. I'm awful when it comes to working out. But it's necessary. 


Thursday, July 18, 2013


Ten things Thursday. Are ya ready??

1. I know I've lost some weight this week. But I've jumped on the scale before my designated time. So, I don't want to tell you how much until then. So I will edit later to add the total loss!! Btw, FINALLY!!

EDITED TO ADD: my total loss is now at 122.2!!!!!

2. My hubby has been doing really well too. He's lost almost 30 lbs. He changed his diet a little, cut out pop and recently starting working out at his company's gym. I'm really proud of him. 

3. The kids and I have been out this week to meet friends to swim. They are so happy when they are swimming. And with friends. It's been a nice week. 

4. My husband is on day 11 of a 12 straight work period. In a very hot plant working 11 hours with about (roughly) a 45 min drive in but at least an hour drive home everyday. Bless his heart. 

5. I tell you what, I was getting super frustrated that I wasn't losing any weight, so it's nice to see a loss this week!!! But, I'm having issues with my hair. It's falling out BIG time. More than it ever has. I told my hubby it did when I was losing a lot maybe it was a sign I was on a losing streak again (he hid the scale - which I asked him to do - so I could only weigh myself once a week). Then I remembered I haven't been taking my bariatric vitamins because I ran out. I've been sharing vitamins with my son. So, who knows. I need to get my own this week end. 

6. My daughter's 13th birthday is coming up so we are in the process of beginning to make plans. 

7. I'm also in charge of planning a road rally the next day. 

8. I'm so enjoying my summer as a SAHM. 

9. Finally got my hubby to drink 1.5 protein shakes a day. I wasn't drinking my strawberry flavor I bought. So instead of throwing it out he volunteered to drink it. Which is cool in lots of ways. It's helping him eat way earlier than he was and getting way more protein :)

10. Because of previously mentioned protein shakes being consumed in our household, we now own 4 blender bottles. 

Here are a few pics :)

At the market where we buy our fruits and veggies, they had mini apples. 

Family game night!! Trouble!!! L beat us all. 

I get more pics of him sleeping....

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sorry I've been MIA

I've noticed when I'm not losing weight, I don't blog. Shame on me. I should be blogging my whole experience. Lately, it's a slow go!! But, about a week and a half ago I asked P to hide the scale from me. I'm too obsessed with watching it everyday!! So, he did and I waited a week before weighing myself (I did try to find it once ;). In that week, I found I lost two lbs. back down to 196.6. For a total loss of 119.4!!!! Wow. 

Now this weekend we went camping. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not that kind of a gal. But, I made the effort and I think I did pretty well. I slept in a tent. Went kayaking for the first time. We went in the lake a couple of times. Took a tour of the campgrounds we were staying at in the back of Papa's truck with the kids to look for a ton of wildlife!! I ate decently until I got home!! So, we shall see what the scale shall reflect this week!

So, here are a few pics from our weekend:

Here's L passed out almost immediately as we drove on our way because we were up late at the fireworks the night before. 

L and some playground fun at the campground. 

My hubby roasting marshmallows because he's awesome at it!!

L enjoying a s'more. 

P enjoying a s'more. 

We found this on a little side trip and L is standing in front!!

I'm not drinking a sweet tea...yikes!!! Good thing it's an every once in a while thing instead of an every day thing like it used to be!!!!!

Here is the face of a very frustrated ASD boy who's mom wouldn't let him play with one more electronic thing. It wasn't funny then, it is now. But at least I had my wits about me to get the pic!

And then I come to a place if mom guilt because I really don't have any great pics of my daughter to share. So, here's one from the day she came back from camp!!!

And one from the fireworks the other night!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I haven't felt like blogging

Because my scale keeps going up!!

Why does my scale keep going up? I mean I know I've eaten a few things I shouldn't have. But I don't think it's enough to predicate this. 

I'm frustrated. 

I've also been on some steroids for my back. 

I believe my hormones are out of whack from my surgery. 

All of this rolled into one makes me sad. 

M is camp. 

L has a big cavity appointment today and already has 4 mg of Valium on board.

So today is a sad day for me.   

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Not Your Typical Vacation

This week feels like it moved in slow motion and went by so fast all at the same time!

P had the week scheduled off work for vacation and he works a 4 - 10 hour work week, so he technically started a week go Friday. We had 10 days off together, the 4 of us. 

P woke up that morning and said "want to paint?"  Um, I guess so. See when we purchased the house 8 years ago in June, I was about 4 months pregnant with L. This house was/is quite a bit larger than our previous home but it needed some TLC. Paint, carpet, etc. so, we got to work painting the minute we got the keys to the house. Only we ran out of time before the carpet got laid. And we never finished. The only thing that ever has been painted since was our 3/4 bath because we had a flood and the whole bathroom got redone. 

So, when he said let's paint, I thought ok it needs to be done. I don't wanna do it but let's go. So off we went to call and see how to find out if paint is still good (after 8 years). Turns out, this paint remained status quo!! I had changed my mind on what colors I wanted but at this point not having to buy paint, more important. So we stuck with what we bought. 

We then did the dreaded money pit issues. When you start a project you find several others to do. Well, we ended up painting all the ceilings (needed) including our bedroom, the doors of the house sans a few, changing the door knobs and painting the hinges. I have also spent a bunch of time on the floor cleaning carpets. Not that it made much of a difference but I guess some difference is better than none. That carpet is EMBARRASSING!!!

Yesterday, I looked at my husband and said what do you have planned today?  Mulch!! He cleaned out a flower bed and laid out borders for two and poured mulch for two in 90 degree heat!!!!  I ended up shopping for a new bathing suit (a very early birthday gift from my parents). And also this week, I was able to get the house cleaned from top to bottom, including the coffee pot!!

Doesn't that always make you feel good?  But, what a stinky vacation for him. Except I know this is stuff he's been wanting to tackle for a while and now he can he has it accomplished!!

My weight has been interesting. P hid the scale from me for a while :) but as of this morning I'm at 196.2. Down 119.8 lbs!!

M is off to camp tomorrow. We have organizing and packing to be done today. 

Here are a few of pics of the finished products:

Monday, June 17, 2013

What did I do today?

Well, we are on day 3 of home improvements. When we moved in 8 years ago, I was a few months preggo with L and we had bought paint for our front living room/dining room/hall and front bathroom, however the carpet was being installed quicker than we could get to those rooms and we so they were never painted. So, my hubby has this week off for vacay and he said let's paint!   Bless his heart, because all it's done is open a big ol' can of worms. We have added more and more projects as time as gone that we just now today finally put the finishing paint touches to the living room/dining room. Lots more to go. 

I also ended up back at the doctor today with my back issues again. He's thinking its still definitely the core issues I've been having, but he wants to check out my disks. So, looks like I'll be having an MRI on Thursday. Mr. Valium and I will be. Last time I tried to have an MRI I was 117 lbs heavier and well, I kinda freaked out. 

So, that's my Monday. How's yours?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy's Day

Dads. I have two pretty awesome ones in my life. My own dad. And my kids' dad. 

My dad, is a man from the south. Who met my mom at Bible college in the south. My mom is from the north but comes from a family from the south. So, I think she has a foot in both sides of the country ;) My dad is a hard working, ethical man. I don't remember him ever calling into work sick. Even if he was. He has integrity like no other. He means business when he was disciplining you as a child so we paid attention and learned better and this was a good thing because I believe it taught my brother and I to be respectful and kind in a world of disrespect and unkindness. 

My husband is my very best friend. We laugh together. Are nerds together. We love each other more and more every day. He and I met when we were only 16 and 17. I was just getting ready to graduate from high school and he had a year left. We've been together ever since (20 years next month - yikes that flew by). I could not ask for a better man to be a daddy to my babies. He is an awesome worker, a teacher of right and wrong, a teacher of Christ and a goof ball. What else do you need in a daddy? Oh yeah, and he changed diapers and helps with homework. 

So to the two daddies, I love you. And thank you for everything!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

TheWeight on the scale goes up and down, up and down, up and down.

Are you singing now ;)?

Well, I'm down to 198.8 as of this morning. So, I'm down. But I'm bummed because I had been down to 197.6. This is my weight loss trend. Truly throughout my WHOLE weight loss. I'd lose 2 gain 1 back, lose 2 gain 1. I have no idea why I still get so bummed every time I still that scale move. 

Anyway, happy to be in onderland. Thrilled to be in onderland. Looking forward to 170. To me that's my magic number. That's my number that I'm "planning" to hopefully have some skin removal surgery at. 

It's weird to have my weight actually listed here now. I've never done that up until last week. Feel almost naked telling you all. 

Well, school is out!!! M ended AWESOME!!! She is on the honor roll again (just waiting for confirmation tomorrow) and L ended stressed because of all the chaos however my boy reads WAY above grade level. They thought he could do even higher than he tested but he is a bugger to test!!!

I, too, am home for the summer. My kids are home, so am I. My boss has a summer intern of sorts filling in for me and other than financially, I'm very excited!

As soon as school got out, the kids and I headed to the movies and enjoyed an afternoon together. 

My back is acting up again. If you can recall from my December and January posts I did a lot of PT.  Well, I'm back in pain again. Not quite as bad. But more annoyed and getting there. Sigh. 

NSV, I have to buy a new bathing suit. Which is an awesome thing and a bad thing. Awesome because that means I have lost a ton of weight. Bad because it means I have to find the moolah to do so!!

Oh it's Thursday. I guess I should do Ten Things Thursday. 

1.  Weight above
2.  M grades above
3.  L reading level above
4.  Back issues above
5.  Bathing suit above
6.  We have a homeowners issue I'm feeling very stressed about, so if you are a praying person, please pray for us. 
7.  Father's Day this weekend. No plans so far. Hubby went with his buddies to a MLB game last weekend and saw our team win! Also got to see our favorite pitcher pitch (finally). Every time we go its never his turn in the rotation. 
8.  I have several things I'm addicted to right now. Coffee (I use a half of a protein shake as my "creamer"), Orange Leaf and Doctor Who. Even though I'm only leaving for the summer my boss gave me a gift card to Orange Leaf and the fill in for me bought me a Doctor Who water cup and a sonic screwdriver keychain. 
9.   I have no idea where to go to buy a bathing suit. 
10. My daughter sang in a quartet in front of a high school auditorium full of people for her middle school choir concert two weeks ago ;)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ONDERLAND!!! Finally!!

Barely!!! But hey, I'll take it!!

My NP sent over before and after shots. Probably like before and "almost there" shots. Sorry for the weird pics its coming from a doc from my phone. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Onderland, when will I finally see you??

Ok for the last two weeks I have been gaining and losing the same stinkin' 2 lbs!! Do you know how frustrating that is when I am so close to onderland? I'm talking mere ounces. I guess time will tell. 

How's life for you all? I'm reading of heartache for one of my fav bloggers and I'm sad for her, but she is turning it around. 

Another fav is having issues with pain and cannot do her favorite form of exercise but she's figuring it out. 

That's what having WLS is. It's a journey that we have to walk through and figure out. It's not magic. It doesn't happen over night. It's not a sensation. 

So here I sit waiting for onderland to quit teasing me and finally show up. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Bandiversary To Me!!

Today's the big day!!

Today is my one year bandiversary!! It marks a major milestone for me. 

I was just re-reading last year's post where we had to get up and get going that day day. I had forgotten we got into an argument in the lobby of the hospital. Funny!!

For me it's been exciting. It's been challenging. It's been difficult. It's been amazing. It's been an eye opener. It's been a struggle. It's been the best thing I could have done for myself and yes I would do it again in a heart beat!!!

I will tell you some of the rough patches for me this year have been logging my foods when I don't feel like it. Pushing through plateaus when I normally would have given up. And learning my band. Taking the time to really listening to what my band is saying (like I don't want more food!!!) then life does become better. 

You also throw in a major surgery with an almost complete unfill for a month in this year and I just am still amazed at how great this year has been. 

I don't usually share my beginning weight because I am so very ashamed of it. But I will often tell people how much I've lost to date. Also, keep in mind I'm going from my highest weight at the clinic and I lost 25 lbs before surgery. 

This morning 115.8 :)  So since my surgery a year ago I've lost 90.8 lbs. 

I'm so grateful. So very, very grateful. I have an awesome support system. I have a God who loves me and I (and you too) can talk to at anytime. I have a great clinic. 

Now onto the next phase. Get these few last lbs off (they are going to be the most difficult) and start scheduling skin removal surgeries. 

Oh yes, this girl right here is having some work done!!!

Thanks to all my blogging friends!! I hope we get to meet in real life one day!!


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

This post is going to be about two things, my mom and why I'm a mom - my kids. 

My mom is one of the most caring individuals you could ever meet. She loves you with her everything and would do anything for you. I still love the story of how she was potty training my little brother and they were outside and he must have told her he had to go so she literally ran him into the house to go, the only problem is she fell on the way and broke her leg. That is motherly devotion. Or the time my best friend was having a baby and she wanted to do something special so she purchased the most beautiful baby carriage cake I've ever seen. And every baby I know has a hand crocheted blankey made by my mom's own two hands that I know personally they all love. My mom also works full time. She takes care of my 92 year old great-great aunt that lives with her. But no my mom doesn't wear a cape, she should. :) I love you mom. 

The reason I get to celebrate today is because God has blessed me. When I was 18 years old I was diagnosed with PCOS and the doctor basically told me it was gonna be an uphill battle. But, he was kind and said we'll get you there. Well, when it was time (or what I thought was time) he couldn't "get us there". So, off to the fertility specialist is where he sent us at the ages of 23 & 22!!! And well, after many tests and two rounds of Clomid and  prayer it just didn't feel like it was God's timing yet. He (yes God) told us later when it was time :) We found out two days before Christmas in 1999 that we were pregnant. We got to share the news first with P's grandmother, who's birthday it was and who passed away a week later. The following August we had a beautiful red headed 8 lb. 14 oz. baby girl!!!! A baby with red hair - SURPRISE!!!!  A couple of years later we thought it might be nice for M to have a sibling, but we lost that pregnancy. About a year after that I was a chaperone on a youth group trip for the teens at our church and feeling a bit off. Came home only to discover I was pregnant :). L came out in the MOST dramatic way possible (so appropriate for him and you can read how on any of my Nov 3 posts). 8 lbs. 9 oz. I hear he was screaming but I was knocked out at the time ;)

These babies are now growing up. M will be a teenager entering her last year of middle school this year. L will be 8 and going to second grade in the fall but to me like every mom I know, these children will always be my babies. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why I love my Lap Band

I love my Lap Band, because it is working for me.  And I for it!!

This is not a choice for everyone.  No!!  You have to know what you are getting into before you jump both feet into this world of WLS.  But for me, this is WORKING!!!

Do I have frustrating times??  ABSOLUTELY!!  Do I feel like giving up and eating whatever I want?  Uh, yeah, I have issues with it tastes good.  But, then I remember all the work it took to get here.  The months of waiting, the hours of appointments, the dollars spent, the pre-op diet (oh goodness the pre-op diet), the post-op diet....


I have a BAD habit of weighing myself everyday.  I wish I didn't, but I do.  That being said, 2 days ago I was down almost 112 lbs.  Yesterday back up 111 lbs.  FRUSTRATING!!  I follow the rules (mostly...I do pretty well with most of them, I'm not perfect, no one is, but I do pretty well) why, why, why?!?!?!?  Today get on the scale (oh several times just to make sure I'm seeing what I'm seeing) 113 lbs. down!!  Must of have some water weight yesterday!!

113 lbs.  I've lost 113 lbs.  25 in pre-op from Feb 1 - May 21st of last year and 88 since May 21st of last year!!  I have 2 weeks until my bandiversary! 

I love my Lap Band.

Hey if you are stopping by and you are a regular reader, become a follower of my blog, I'll follow you back!

I love reading comments, and replying too, except I can't figure out why my comment section doesn't allow for replies on other comments.  Any thoughts those of you who are regular bloggers?

Thanks everyone!!

Hey and just remember, I have had some tough battles through this year.  Some major plateaus and instead of giving up like I normally would, I pressed through.  SOOOOO thankful for my Lap Band.


Monday, May 6, 2013

New Blogger/Bandster

Hey everyone!!! We have a new person in our community, Jules :)

She's newly banded (who sounds like she's doing amazing) and started a new blog!

Show her some love over at:

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just realized its been a while since I've blogged...

Did I tell you I had to have a second fill? Yeah, 5 cc's wasn't enough. So, she put in another cc. I think for now it's working. Which still puts me 1 cc below where I was pre-surgery. I've had a recent PB episode. That wasn't pretty. Sigh.

Weight wise I'm doing well. I'm down just shy of 112 lbs. So close to my next goal!!!!

My hubby is doing well with his recent change. Nothing too major. He just has made a few adjustments since May 1st and has already lost 4 lbs. Doesn't seem fair, right?!?!! I'm happy for him!!!

All is well on our front. I have another post-op appt for my hysterectomy on the 13th. Still having a couple of issues.

Ok leaving you with my newest and favorite thing, Greek dip for veggies. Plain Greek yogurt, add 2 powdered envelopes of ranch!! One just isn't enough for me to get over that fat free yogurt taste!!! Love it!!! And it's high in protein.

Also, because we are peanut/tree nut free I have the hardest time finding protein bars. Balance has two. Cookie dough and chocolate craze. Manufactured on equipment but no nuts. The sugar is high, I wish it was 5 g of fat vs the 7 g it is, but it tastes good for the day when you are in a hurry and need something!!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Restriction Much

Forgot what good restriction felt like. And I'm REALLY hoping this restriction sticks around for a while!!!!!

So far today I've had a half a cup of egg substitute with a quarter cup of reduced fat shredded cheese, a cup of raspberry chocolate truffle coffee with a 1/3 cup skim milk and now I'm working a 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes with 1/4 cup of the same cheese with 1/4 cup of fat free plain Greek yogurt that had 2 packets of dry ranch seasoning mixed into it.

I'm restricted with these potatoes. Yeah :)

So I'm taking my dear ol' sweet time.

One thing I will say is man, my belly got really bruised from my fill yesterday. That I believe is the first time. Bummer :(

My husband told me as of May 1st he's going to stop drinking pop and start watching better what he's eating. Which I'm glad for him but I never wanted to pressure him. I know it never did me any good to have someone say to me you need to lose weight. It is also going to help me to not have his junk food in the house because quite frankly it tastes really good! But he told me not to bother him or to ask him about it because he doesn't want me to become "one of those people".

Happy Friday y'all!!!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


1. It was a fill day for me. I had my refill 2 weeks ago when she put 5 cc's back in from after my hysterectomy.

2. Today was only 1 cc but she said that was aggressive for her on a Thursday because she would not be able to unfill me over the weekend. I'm glad she realizes I know me and my band.

3. I like going to my clinic. They make me feel like a rock star bandster.

4. I laid out my big plan to my NP today thinking she'd shoot it down but I think it went well.

5. A couple of NSV's. First, my collar bones are starting to come out. Next, I was able to buy our baseball team's "girly" shirt and it fits. Lastly, I saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while and received a bunch of nice comments.

6. Unfortunately the reason I saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in a while is because two people from the church I grew up in passed away. They were both phenomenal examples of Christians, spouses and parents. Awesome people!!!!

7. My daughter made the honor roll again!!! Way to go M!!!

8. We are now officially the small group leaders of our group at church. We are also part of our kids church ministry team which is what we have always served in. So working with grown ups is brand new :)

9. I am looking forward to my next goal at about 7.5 lbs!!!!!

10. My biggest goal is about 37.5 lbs away!!! Here I come!!

Bonus - here are some pics of P and L putting out a blue light bulb for Autism Awareness and some other pics like mastery of chopsticks, us in our Doctor Who shirts and missing tooth :)