Friday, November 15, 2013

This week's weigh in.....I've been a boring blogger lately

Last week's weight: 167.2
This week's weight: 165.8
This week's weight loss: -1.4 lbs
Total weight loss: 150.2 lbs

I always seem to self sabotage on the weekends and a teeny bit on the week days. I'm almost wondering if I feel like I'm getting towards maintenance OR if I'm in a plateau. Either way, I'd like to get to MY personal goal of 158. If I ever saw 140, I'd be thrilled. When I was losing 3 lbs a week, that wouldn't be that too far off. Either goal. Now it feels almost as far away as 150 lbs lost felt like. But really, I need to wrap my brain around, I'VE LOST 150 LBS! I need to get over myself. I'm wearing a size 14, maybe a 12 if I tried. I tried on my daughter's size 9 (that are probably a bit too big for her) jeans today. I could pull them up. Button. Zip. Wear. No way. 

Ok, how are you?

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