Saturday, November 23, 2013

Friday/Saturday Weigh Ins

Last week's weight: 165.8
This week's weight (Friday): 165.6
This week's weight (Saturday): 164.8
This week's weight loss: -1 lb
Total weight loss: 151.2 lbs

I was quite irritated yesterday when I saw the scale. Only -0.2 lbs. I know last week I talked about being in plateau. I actually just talked that out with my hubby yesterday too. I told him maybe the shock of the tummy tuck and subsequent weight loss after has put my body into shock mode (it's happened before when I lost a big amount in a short time) and now my brain is telling my body to slow down for some reason. Also, I'm sure, even though I was counting them, the stinkin Tootsie Rolls that have been plaguing my house, have not been helping!!

So this week's challenges are my husband's birthday weekend (it started yesterday - which you can see I had success so far - and by the way his actual birthday was yesterday) and Thanksgiving.  

Last Thanksgiving I was still "learning my band" and had a PB episode during dinner. Fun. I sincerely doubt we shall have a repeat of that. 

Today is a big Whovian day, which for my husband for it to fall on his birthday weekend is fantastic. It's the 50th anniversary of when Doctor Who first appeared on the telly. Big deal at our house :)

Kids are doing great at school. M made the A-B honor roll!! L is making strides at school and improvements. His gen ed and ASD teacher did a combined parent/teacher conference with me. He's making friendships with neurotypical kids which will help him!!!

How was your week?

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