Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I haven't felt like blogging

Because my scale keeps going up!!

Why does my scale keep going up? I mean I know I've eaten a few things I shouldn't have. But I don't think it's enough to predicate this. 

I'm frustrated. 

I've also been on some steroids for my back. 

I believe my hormones are out of whack from my surgery. 

All of this rolled into one makes me sad. 

M is camp. 

L has a big cavity appointment today and already has 4 mg of Valium on board.

So today is a sad day for me.   

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Not Your Typical Vacation

This week feels like it moved in slow motion and went by so fast all at the same time!

P had the week scheduled off work for vacation and he works a 4 - 10 hour work week, so he technically started a week go Friday. We had 10 days off together, the 4 of us. 

P woke up that morning and said "want to paint?"  Um, I guess so. See when we purchased the house 8 years ago in June, I was about 4 months pregnant with L. This house was/is quite a bit larger than our previous home but it needed some TLC. Paint, carpet, etc. so, we got to work painting the minute we got the keys to the house. Only we ran out of time before the carpet got laid. And we never finished. The only thing that ever has been painted since was our 3/4 bath because we had a flood and the whole bathroom got redone. 

So, when he said let's paint, I thought ok it needs to be done. I don't wanna do it but let's go. So off we went to call and see how to find out if paint is still good (after 8 years). Turns out, this paint remained status quo!! I had changed my mind on what colors I wanted but at this point not having to buy paint, more important. So we stuck with what we bought. 

We then did the dreaded money pit issues. When you start a project you find several others to do. Well, we ended up painting all the ceilings (needed) including our bedroom, the doors of the house sans a few, changing the door knobs and painting the hinges. I have also spent a bunch of time on the floor cleaning carpets. Not that it made much of a difference but I guess some difference is better than none. That carpet is EMBARRASSING!!!

Yesterday, I looked at my husband and said what do you have planned today?  Mulch!! He cleaned out a flower bed and laid out borders for two and poured mulch for two in 90 degree heat!!!!  I ended up shopping for a new bathing suit (a very early birthday gift from my parents). And also this week, I was able to get the house cleaned from top to bottom, including the coffee pot!!

Doesn't that always make you feel good?  But, what a stinky vacation for him. Except I know this is stuff he's been wanting to tackle for a while and now he can he has it accomplished!!

My weight has been interesting. P hid the scale from me for a while :) but as of this morning I'm at 196.2. Down 119.8 lbs!!

M is off to camp tomorrow. We have organizing and packing to be done today. 

Here are a few of pics of the finished products:

Monday, June 17, 2013

What did I do today?

Well, we are on day 3 of home improvements. When we moved in 8 years ago, I was a few months preggo with L and we had bought paint for our front living room/dining room/hall and front bathroom, however the carpet was being installed quicker than we could get to those rooms and we so they were never painted. So, my hubby has this week off for vacay and he said let's paint!   Bless his heart, because all it's done is open a big ol' can of worms. We have added more and more projects as time as gone that we just now today finally put the finishing paint touches to the living room/dining room. Lots more to go. 

I also ended up back at the doctor today with my back issues again. He's thinking its still definitely the core issues I've been having, but he wants to check out my disks. So, looks like I'll be having an MRI on Thursday. Mr. Valium and I will be. Last time I tried to have an MRI I was 117 lbs heavier and well, I kinda freaked out. 

So, that's my Monday. How's yours?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy's Day

Dads. I have two pretty awesome ones in my life. My own dad. And my kids' dad. 

My dad, is a man from the south. Who met my mom at Bible college in the south. My mom is from the north but comes from a family from the south. So, I think she has a foot in both sides of the country ;) My dad is a hard working, ethical man. I don't remember him ever calling into work sick. Even if he was. He has integrity like no other. He means business when he was disciplining you as a child so we paid attention and learned better and this was a good thing because I believe it taught my brother and I to be respectful and kind in a world of disrespect and unkindness. 

My husband is my very best friend. We laugh together. Are nerds together. We love each other more and more every day. He and I met when we were only 16 and 17. I was just getting ready to graduate from high school and he had a year left. We've been together ever since (20 years next month - yikes that flew by). I could not ask for a better man to be a daddy to my babies. He is an awesome worker, a teacher of right and wrong, a teacher of Christ and a goof ball. What else do you need in a daddy? Oh yeah, and he changed diapers and helps with homework. 

So to the two daddies, I love you. And thank you for everything!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

TheWeight on the scale goes up and down, up and down, up and down.

Are you singing now ;)?

Well, I'm down to 198.8 as of this morning. So, I'm down. But I'm bummed because I had been down to 197.6. This is my weight loss trend. Truly throughout my WHOLE weight loss. I'd lose 2 gain 1 back, lose 2 gain 1. I have no idea why I still get so bummed every time I still that scale move. 

Anyway, happy to be in onderland. Thrilled to be in onderland. Looking forward to 170. To me that's my magic number. That's my number that I'm "planning" to hopefully have some skin removal surgery at. 

It's weird to have my weight actually listed here now. I've never done that up until last week. Feel almost naked telling you all. 

Well, school is out!!! M ended AWESOME!!! She is on the honor roll again (just waiting for confirmation tomorrow) and L ended stressed because of all the chaos however my boy reads WAY above grade level. They thought he could do even higher than he tested but he is a bugger to test!!!

I, too, am home for the summer. My kids are home, so am I. My boss has a summer intern of sorts filling in for me and other than financially, I'm very excited!

As soon as school got out, the kids and I headed to the movies and enjoyed an afternoon together. 

My back is acting up again. If you can recall from my December and January posts I did a lot of PT.  Well, I'm back in pain again. Not quite as bad. But more annoyed and getting there. Sigh. 

NSV, I have to buy a new bathing suit. Which is an awesome thing and a bad thing. Awesome because that means I have lost a ton of weight. Bad because it means I have to find the moolah to do so!!

Oh it's Thursday. I guess I should do Ten Things Thursday. 

1.  Weight above
2.  M grades above
3.  L reading level above
4.  Back issues above
5.  Bathing suit above
6.  We have a homeowners issue I'm feeling very stressed about, so if you are a praying person, please pray for us. 
7.  Father's Day this weekend. No plans so far. Hubby went with his buddies to a MLB game last weekend and saw our team win! Also got to see our favorite pitcher pitch (finally). Every time we go its never his turn in the rotation. 
8.  I have several things I'm addicted to right now. Coffee (I use a half of a protein shake as my "creamer"), Orange Leaf and Doctor Who. Even though I'm only leaving for the summer my boss gave me a gift card to Orange Leaf and the fill in for me bought me a Doctor Who water cup and a sonic screwdriver keychain. 
9.   I have no idea where to go to buy a bathing suit. 
10. My daughter sang in a quartet in front of a high school auditorium full of people for her middle school choir concert two weeks ago ;)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ONDERLAND!!! Finally!!

Barely!!! But hey, I'll take it!!

My NP sent over before and after shots. Probably like before and "almost there" shots. Sorry for the weird pics its coming from a doc from my phone. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Onderland, when will I finally see you??

Ok for the last two weeks I have been gaining and losing the same stinkin' 2 lbs!! Do you know how frustrating that is when I am so close to onderland? I'm talking mere ounces. I guess time will tell. 

How's life for you all? I'm reading of heartache for one of my fav bloggers and I'm sad for her, but she is turning it around. 

Another fav is having issues with pain and cannot do her favorite form of exercise but she's figuring it out. 

That's what having WLS is. It's a journey that we have to walk through and figure out. It's not magic. It doesn't happen over night. It's not a sensation. 

So here I sit waiting for onderland to quit teasing me and finally show up.