Monday, June 17, 2013

What did I do today?

Well, we are on day 3 of home improvements. When we moved in 8 years ago, I was a few months preggo with L and we had bought paint for our front living room/dining room/hall and front bathroom, however the carpet was being installed quicker than we could get to those rooms and we so they were never painted. So, my hubby has this week off for vacay and he said let's paint!   Bless his heart, because all it's done is open a big ol' can of worms. We have added more and more projects as time as gone that we just now today finally put the finishing paint touches to the living room/dining room. Lots more to go. 

I also ended up back at the doctor today with my back issues again. He's thinking its still definitely the core issues I've been having, but he wants to check out my disks. So, looks like I'll be having an MRI on Thursday. Mr. Valium and I will be. Last time I tried to have an MRI I was 117 lbs heavier and well, I kinda freaked out. 

So, that's my Monday. How's yours?

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  1. Oh bless your heart, I hate painting SO MUCH. It's nice when it's all done though!!!