Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple Monday (stolen from my Pastor's wife...yep, you read right...STOLEN!)

Outside my's raining on my awning.

I am thinking...that I have hor d'oeuvres for Life Group this Wednesday and if I don't kick this sickness in the butt I may need to trade with someone because let's face it, no one wants germs.

I am thankful husband taking care of me and medication.

From the kitchen...ramen noodles and butter pecan ice cream. We don't do a whole lot of nuts in the house, but this is one I have to have every once in a while. Good thing the kid isn't allergic to pecans and there is no peanuts indicated anywhere on the packaging.

I am wearing...pajamas. Yep, took a bath and put pjs right back on.

I am creating...nothing. I'm not creative. Ok, wait, does this blog count?

I am going...nowhere today, because not to be redundant, but not feeling well.

I am mom would kill me for including these adjectives but cheesy, Christian romance novel. I like romance novels, but they have to be clean.

I am hoping...that no one else in my house gets sick.

I am hearing...the dishwasher going and the fan over my head. I realize it's winter but we are hot blooded in this house and I can't seem to regulate my heat over the last 24 hours.

Around the house...not too much. I saw a juice box a little boy is going to be throwing away when he gets home. Paul's work clothes that need to be folded and put away.

One of my favorite things...a salt bagel with cream cheese from the Bagel Factory on my way into work.

Ok...this was a first time for this to some Netflix.