Friday, September 28, 2012

Fills, I have questions for you!

How often do you/did you have fills?

How do you know when it's time for another?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello from the Land of Plateau

The view sucks from down here :)

I'm trying to have a good attitude!  I really am.  I decided this morning after literally yelling at my scale (like it's his fault....notice I gave him a gender of male....hmmmm, wonder what Freud would think of that?) that I have gone as far as I could with just the surgery and dieting.  It's time to get to working out.


I hate to exercise.  No, I really do.  For you people who "like" to exercise, I just don't get it.  Maybe I will someday and I will look back on this and be like, remember when I hated working out.....I seriously doubt it though.

So, since I hate to workout, I really need to find something that packs a bunch of stuff in, in the least amount of time.  So, today I went to my gym and walked on the treadmill at an incline (first time ever....sigh) for ten minutes.  Then I decided, I really do want to be a runner someday, but if I don't start running, I never will be.  But how do you START running?  I guess you just go?  Right????  So, I know I have no endurance right now as far as running goes, so, just do some intervals.  So, I would do minute and a half here and there.  I did a total of 10 minutes of running (really it was probably jogging to a lot of people) and 30 minutes of walking and 10 of those minutes were at an incline.  I'm sure I will be sore.  But, I need to keep it up.

I also think I might need to get in and see my nutritionist.  I'm sure my calorie intake is too low.  Remember a while ago when they did my last fill they said worry about portions not numbers....well, now we need to worry about numbers apparently.

I've lost a total of 78.5 lbs since the beginning of March.  I'm not complaining.  But, I really like the trajectory I'm on and would like to continue, because I still have a lot to go.  I'm one of those people who probably "should have had" gastric bypass, but that just plain scares me.  So, I want to show the world that lap band is a good choice for me too!!

I have a bunch of personal life stuff too going on.  I'll tell you all about that another time.  Good stuff :)  Well, mostly.  Nothing too awful for sure ;)

Have a good night everyone!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


We had a lovely family weekend!! The only downfall of this weekend is that we may have spent a bit too much money. But let me breakdown of what we did. 

I got it in my head that I needed to sell a bunch of stuff that I had, but I did not know how much stuff we had in our attic!! My poor husband had major work to get it all down. We spent about two hours getting the stuff down and then beginning to organize and start throwing some stuff away (I can't even believe that I kept some of the things I did).

Then my poor L was begging for food practically. So, we decided to go to Rainforest Cafe. The last time we tried to go there M was little and she was soooooo not having it. We ended up paying for the drinks we had just ordered and left. This time we actually got to eat there. But, L has some auditory issues associated with his ASD so when the thunderstorms came on, someone needed to cover his ears for him. 

We then ran over to the Halloween store to see if they had the costumes my kids have chosen this year (sadly not themed as in years past). Both of my kids were not happy with all the "scary" stuff in the store and it didn't have either costume. 

Later that evening we saw Finding Nemo in 3D! L wears noise canceling headphones in the theatre so he can enjoy the movie and eat popcorn at the same time :)

They both got a new DS game with money they were either given and/or earned. 

Today we went to church where L had kids church and M had her jr. high class.

It's been a LOVELY weekend!!!!  

I didn't mention P's family work day because they postponed it. :(  He was quite shook up after the incident the other day. It was quite tragic. After everything was said and over, two people were killed. Awful. So thankful to God for protecting my husband. I know he was nowhere near the incident, but he had to hear a lot on his radio while it was happening, I'm glad he didn't have to see anything. 

Now I have to tackle my mess in my family room. Oh my!!  But between a mom to mom sale and a garage sale I'm hoping to get rid of most of it! Then we have cleaned out our shed, garage and attic!!!

Tonight in about 40 minutes is the Emmy Awards!! I'm very excited this year for some reason!! I love Mayim Bialik! I love her on The Big Bang Theory! If she doesn't win tonight, she will be robbed!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Why is my port area so sore?

I need help!!

I'm a little freaked out that my port area has been very sore for almost a week now. Any suggestions on what could cause that!?!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bad Day Yesterday

We had a bad day yesterday.  Like a REALLY bad day yesterday.

It started off fine.  L told me that he didn't feel good after he sneezed a couple of times, but I thought, hmmmm, he's just trying to get out of school.

Off to school my kids went and about 25 mins. or so after they left I get a call from the school saying the bus was still in route to the school but they got a call saying that L had gotten sick on the bus.  Sigh.

Poor buddy!  So, I asked if they wanted me to meet them on the route or at the school, they wanted me to meet them at the school.  So, armed with a new set of clothes, wash cloth and plastic bags, I went to the school a half an hour later (yes the bus route is that long).

Got him cleaned up and home and just as I was walking in the door I get a text from my husband saying, don't worry I'm not fired but I'm coming home soon.  What?!?!???  What does that mean???

So, as I'm trying to pray for him and not trying to panic and freak out about that text, which by the way, he got a text back saying, um, you can't send me texts like this without more detail, I got clothes into the washer and L into the tub.

P texted me back more detail.  A massive work violence incident had taken place and they were sending everyone home.  Good thing he finally told me.  I was worried about his job.  Which is awful to say now.  Something very terrible has happened.  Then it was a good thing he texted me period.  A little while later the news was blasting the event everywhere and I would have been worried about him had I not been able to get into contact with him.

So, once I knew he was ok, focus back on poor L.  He was totally ok the rest of the day.  I think he had some massive drainage going on and the bus ride did him in.  We kept his diet kind of low key most of the day.  He kind of laid around the house playing his Leap Pad and watching tv.

We had both kids' curriculum nights last night.  SIGH.  SIGH.  SIGH.  Apparently they have MASSIVELY changed the way they grade in our school district.  They weigh test scores much more heavily now, which is not good for my girl.  She is a hard worker.  She does all of homework and tries very hard, but is not a good test taker.

I was kind of surprised to see her Language Arts teacher is covered in tats up one arm.  Threw me off a little last night.  Also, the fact that I'm older than him too.  I think this is starting to become a trend.  That means I'm getting old......

We really don't have to talk about the scale do we?  Like I said yesterday, I have gained a half of pound and it hasn't moved in a while.  This is really frustrating to me, but I also know what I'm doing wrong, so if I want it to change then I need to stop what I'm doing wrong to make it better!!!!  I miss the honeymoon phase!!!!!! 

Did I tell you P has a new role at work?  He is a team leader.  I think he is really going to like his new position and his team.  He took doughnuts into work this morning, more specifically Krispy Kremes!!  Mmmmm, doughnuts.  We like Krispy Kreme.  For a couple of reasons.  One, um, they taste awesome.  But, more importantly, they are totally nut free!!  Yep, we can walk in there and our boy can have any of the doughnuts without worry!!  It kind of rocks!

Today is Friday!!!  Friday is always a good day right??  We kept L home just for good measure (even though I think he could have went to school).  So, if I do any errands today, I have a 6 year old in tow. 

Lots of plans this weekend and hopefully no sickness detours us!  L has his first Tiger Cub meeting tonight.  His uncle (my hubby's youngest brother) is the leader of his den.  This is so awesome to me!  For so many reasons.  First, the meetings are at his house and he has already let the other parents know that a child in the den has a severe peanut allergy and that they need to be cognizant of that before coming.  Second, my in-laws are well versed in L's autism, so if he needs a break from an activity, he can walk away without being judged.  Also, since he knows their house, he can walk away to a place he knows :)  Lastly (and most importantly), he will grow closer to his uncle and his cousin with my hubby in the scouting world.  My daughter and I did Girl Scouts for 5 years (this is our first year NOT doing scouts) and we grew very close to the other scouts and moms.  I anticipate this for my boys and for them to do it with family, can only be good :)  I'm very excited for them! 

P has a family day scheduled at work tomorrow.  Not sure in the light of everything if it's still planned.  If so, we plan on going with the kids.  M's been there before when she was little, but L's never been.  Also, Finding Nemo in the theatre has never been seen by L.  He wasn't born yet ;)  So, I think that may need to be in order.  Oh and of course we may have to take advantage the cider mill again.

Have a good day everyone!  I know I plan on it!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Don't feel like blogging

I've gained a half a pound. I've been snacking too much.

My port/band area has been sore the last few days.

I'm worried. Probably for no reason.

Then I read other people talk about other people's band issues (not even their own).

Then I worry more.

Why am I sore?

I'm grouchy.

Then my kid gets sick on the bus.

I'm done complaining now.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

There are Band Rules for a Reason

If you haven't discovered this yet, then you and your band are living in perfect harmony.

I on the other hand, have unfortunately discovered it.

Band lesson #12 (is that what I'm on, I've lost track): when your office tells you to eat your protein first, it's probably for good reason!! Oh yes, I'm not too bad at following most of the rules. But, I tend to be a breaker every now and then. The other night we decided to have food out. Well, they had fast food, I had a egg substitute veggie omlete from one of local restaurants. I had the very smallest amout of hashbrowns and a half of piece of toast on my plate as well (gave the other 3 halves of toast and the TON O' hashbrowns to P).

Did I follow the rules?? Nope. At the other stuff first. Consequences? I had to wait FOREVER while that stuff moved through my band before I could eat the omlete. Which means it had to go in the fridge and be rewarmed (not the same:-/).

So, am I learning? Yes! Because I didn't try to eat after I got full. So I "listened to my band". Do I still have a lot to learn?


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ten Things Thursday (TTT)

1.  :)  Not only did I get my major goal of 75, I flew past it!  I was 74.8 yesterday, today 76!!  Yippie!!

2.  School pics today for my 7th grader.  She didn't want to wear anything too fancy and do anything too fancy with her hair.  So, we made sure to iron the same shirt she wore the first day of school and curled her hair a bit today.  Oh, and mascara and lip gloss of course!

3.  I am finally on the mend!!  Can I say thank goodness for steroids and antibiotics?!!  The steroids have cleared up my head like crazy, but they are keeping me up at night.  I cannot stand the side effects.  My poor hubby caught what I had and was going to try to tough it out and not take his meds, he didn't make it.  Started his doses last night....oh and one more thing.  The doctor has me taking liquid antibiotics just to make it easier on my stomach/lap band.  YUCK!!  My poor kids, all these years they've been taking this stuff.  Yucky......

4.  My parents are celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary tomorrow!!  How awesome is that!!

5.  My little guy.  What am I going to do with him??  Special needs, well, they aren't much fun sometimes.  I keep getting notes home that he has at least one time out.  So, we had a good little discussion last night.  Hopefully he remembers everything we talked about and it gets better.  Good thing his teachers are so awesome.  They don't get paid enough, I'm sure!

6.  The weather has been so lovely and we have been so couped up in the house with both parents being sick.  The kids have been well.  I think allergies are starting to get to the two of them, but other than that they've managed not to get what we have.  Knock on wood...if I believed in that stuff ;)

7.  I wish money grew on trees.  P has a new job at work and is at training all week.  He got a tiny bump in pay, and when I say tiny, I mean tiny.  But, soon enough all his little overtime that we love we hear is going to go away.  If that happens, well it's back to work for this SAHM.  Which is fine, except my kids really like me being at home with them.  Luckily I have an awesome relationship with the company I work for and do several projects here and there for them, so I can somewhat come and go.  Never really full time.  So, it works for us.  Hopefully when I need to something will be there.  Actually I have already began praying.  God knows my needs and I know He can provide them.  He always does.

8.  Hoping to do some fun things again this weekend.  We also need to do a little work again.  I've been on a cleaning jag.  Getting things all straightened up before winter hits.  Feels like it's going to be here before I know it.  M's room needs some serious organizing.  L's does too.  Actually all of his toys, AGAIN.  Why is that a never ending battle??  Also, Finding Nemo in 3D starts Friday!!  Who's going???  L wasn't born when it came out in the theatre's the first time.  I jumped out of my skin when Bruce appeared for the first time.  Can't imagine what he'll look like in 3D!!  Hmmmm, maybe the cider mill again....might really need to make that a thing......

9.  Gas is so stinkin' expensive, right??  I haven't been anywhere this week except the doctor!  So, I guess that's the advantage of being sick.  I've saved gas.  Silver lining.......

10.  I need some new ideas for dinner.  I'm kinda getting sick of making the same things over and over again.  I do look at pinterest often, but as a bandster and someone trying to eat a little more healthy, some of those recipes just don't cut it.  Wondering what some of your favorite things to make are!

Have a great Thursday!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One of My Favorite Bloggers

Well, I have a bunch of you now :) I feel like I am becoming a part of a community, a sisterhood of people who understand what I'm going through and genuinely care :) Awww :) And we can laugh at each other too :) Wish I was coming to Chicago!!!!!!! Anyways.......

The very first blog I read when I was making my decision on whether or not to have this lap band installed (yep, I said installed ha!) was Lap Band Gal's! I read every evening for several days and started from the beginning. And "watching" her go through it helped me see I could do it too. And if you read a post of mine from earlier today, you can see it's working for me too :)

Lap Band Gal has a giveaway on her blog today you can be a part of for $25 credit to towards new workout clothes. I know a bunch of us that are reading each others blogs have been dropping weight like crazy and we are all dropping sizes lately, time for new clothes!!!  There are several ways to enter.

Have fun and good luck!!

Quick Blog

I'm feeling better already with one dose of meds!!! Hopefully 100% soon!!

But, the real reason I wanted to blog is because of what I saw on the scale this morning!!!!

74.8.......ohhhhh I am sooooo close to a major milestone!! I was really hoping to reach it before school started but I was pretty close (we are in our second week of school).

I'm super happy with my numbers but as I was tracking them this morning I noticed my averages are starting to decrease. A few weeks ago I was averaging over 3 lbs a week, which I know is above the average for a lap bander, now I'm averaging 2.77 lbs per week. I need to be kinder to myself.

I will say I am TOTALLY thrilled!!!!! Yeah!!!! I've NEVER lost this much weight. :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Try #2 at today's blog

So I tried to blog earlier today and my phone erased it :-/

So, here I am sitting at the PCP office waiting to be seen and blogging. My back is good (thanks for your kind words). But, what I thought was my allergies I now think is a full on something infection. Sigh. And to make it worse, I think I passed it on to P. So I called this morning and of course he had nothing open. I told the appointment taker that I had a brand new lap band and this was the first time I've been sick with it. I really wanted to see my doctor. So, she emailed him and he fit me in.

Sinus infection. Yuck. So, here I sit waiting for scripts. Tiny pills to dry up my head and liquid antibiotic. And I'm contagious. So, I'm going to let the kids kinda stay in other rooms so that I don't pass on these germs to them!! No reason to be sick at the beginning of the school year!

Did I tell you the scale moved finally? Just a bit, but it did move. 73.2! I'll take it.

Ok, I'm gonna go now and drive around and hope that the meds are done. Ready to crawl back into bed. Sigh. It's such a nice day out. My luck.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

My week

My week in a nutshell (and run-on sentence) consisted of the following:
kids started school, fell back to sleep after shutting off alarm, son did awesome in pinewood derby at church, daughter already doing well in homework, daughter ran for 17 minutes straight in gym class (big time for her, she was quite proud and I'm going to keep encouraging her), I managed to clean out my closet, wash several loads of clothes passed down to me and for my son, made dinner at home a good portion of the week, became quite frustrated with the scale as it hardly moved this week at all, we put our pool away, cleaned out a shed together, I cleaned out the garage today and very much surprised my husband by doing so, doing that makes me happy first because he does so much for us, second because it needed cleaning so badly and lastly because I moved for two hours straight, I think I may have hurt my back in the process, my allergies stink so horribly right now, fall weather is creeping in and am excited for maybe a little side trip with the family tomorrow (I'll try to take some pics), Popsicles are my friends today and although my choices are ah, ok today so far I'm managing to stay within my numbers (except maybe carbs - errrr carbs).

Whew! Got all that! Hey girls (& guys) I'm thinking most of my readers tend to be of the female persuasion, I just want to thank you for always being so kind and encouraging!! You all rock so much!!

P.S. I turned my word verification off :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012


1.  I should have won mom of the year yesterday. I set my alarm for the proper time, when it went off I shut it off. Promptly thought, hmmmm, I have a few minutes to lay here before I have to get them up.  Then fell right back to sleep. Then didn't wake up until they should have been walking out the door for their buses. I immediately went into panic mode. Luckily, L was being an awesome listener got dressed (shorts on backwards that needed help), went to the bathroom, etc. with little encouragement. M was awesome too. She's old enough to get herself completely out of the house, breakfast, lunch, etc. so, while I was getting him out the door for his bus, she got herself ready. I told her I would drive her so she would have some extra time.

2.  Fail #2 came when L's ASD teacher called and said, "Mrs. S, you didn't pack L a lunch and he's in the lunchroom crying saying you are coming to get him." Now every year since my daughter started kindergarten I could be accused of being an overcommunicator, but I thought maybe that was annoying. Apparently, she had forgotten that he had an appt. with the opthamologist and I didn't remind her.  That's not her fault, it's mine.  And, I had totally planned on being there BEFORE his lunch to pick him up.  I had a note that stated his lunch was a certain time.  Well, it is if he's in his gen ed class.  But, he goes to lunch with this ASD class, like 40 mins. earlier!!!!!  No one told me that and I had reminded her, I probably would have found that out.  FAIL!!!!

3.  L's eye appt. didn't go quite like I thought it would.  L had exotropia of his left eye has infant/baby. 

See the left eye how it isn't looking straight on.  It was so sad.  At 11 months, he had eye muscle surgery.  Before the surgery, we had patches on his eye and glasses.  He looked like Chicken Little :)  Well, the other day they are noticing a new/old problem.  His left eye is now drifting up instead of out.  It has done this before, but not to the severity it was the other day.  So, now we keep an eye on it (no pun intended).  Instead of a yearly appointment, we go back in 6 months, then again 6 months after that.  If it looks good, then obviously nothing.  If it stays the same or gets worse we are looking at another surgery in about a year.  This really isn't a surprise.  When he was a baby we were warned most kids that start off having surgeries like these end up with more than one in their lifetimes.

4.  My kids are adjusting to school very well.  My daughter just rocks let me tell you!  She comes straight home, straight to her room and rocks out her homework first thing so she can watch tv, play DS, do whatever for the rest of the night!  Proud of that kid!  L is doing ok.  It's harder for him to adjust.  But, he seems to have a pretty decent attitude and I will take that any day of the week!

5.  Cleaned out my closet yesterday and have almost 2 garbage bags full of clothes that are too big.  I'm thinking I'm down like a size and a half to 2 sizes.  I know it's weird.  Some things 2 sizes, but some things, not quite 2 sizes.

6.  Haven't been getting my water in lately.  Really working on it today.  Not a fan.  What is your favorite way to drink water?

7.  It's supposed to cool down a bit here and there, that means it's getting closer to fall, which means it's time for the cider mill!!!  Love this time of year.  For 3/4 of us in this house it means it's birthday time.  With 5 weeks it's mine, L's and P's birthdays.  It was that way for me growing up in my house too, except, I was the odd man out.  My parents and brother are all within 12 days of each other.

8.  Pinewood Derby Races were at church last night.  Our little man did really well.  He won 2 out of 3 heats he was in.  He made a red Angry Bird car.  It was very cute.  He won a participation trophy.

9.  I made an Italian Chicken pinterest recipe the other night.  The chicken was super moist.  That's about the best thing I can say about it.

10.  Going to leave some progress photos.  An old pic from a couple of years ago and one from today. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My babies :) and other stuff.....

Who aren't really babies anymore. :( Yesterday was the first day of school here and we had everything ready (or at least we thought we did). On Monday night I realized L needed pictures to take to both his 1st grade gen ed class about his summer and for his ASD class about who he is. So, I sat down at the lap top ready to print out pictures then realized we were out of ink. Sigh. Then had to hunt down a disk to put pics on to run up to CVS to print them.

They were all ready to go! They both actually leave the house at the same time because L has a special bus route that picks him up right at our house while M's bus stop is only a few houses down. Lucky for her, she got a 3 hour delay yesterday because they let the 6th graders go in the first day by themselves for a bit to get the lay of the land and the cafeteria to themselves. I sat with M at the bus stop for a bit so I could get a look at her bus number to remind her of it (she tends to be a tad forgetful like her dad) and because by the time it was her turn to go to school, it was POURING!!!

Onto band stuff. Being very honest, my head hunger has taken over and I have to quiet that voice inside. Yesterday I snacked a lot but kept track of everything. I have been REALLY good at keeping track of everything up until this last week. Yesterday I went a little over on my fat grams but stayed within my calories. My protein was good. Dropped some weight again today. I have to remind myself why I've been doing this and not allow myself to go back. I've made such awesome progress and want to continue to do so!! Onward and upward!

I'm including pics of the kids' first day. It was M's first day of 7th grade and L's first day of 1st grade. Wait til I tell you what I did this morning, already. Sigh.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First day of school and I'm a bad lap bander!!!

Lots to say, will update more tomorrow. With pics :)

Been off track a bit, need to get on my track again. Got down to 71.2. Gained back 1.2. I realize that's not a lot, but it's a VERY slippery slope. I see a bad pattern.

Hope everyone had a nice, restful weekend!!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I haven't blogged in a few days.  A little bit busy, a little bit lazy, a little bit MAYBE doesn't want to be accountable.......I've been wavering up and down a bit right around that 70 mark....70.4, 70, 70.2.  I know what I'm doing wrong.  I've also this week not felt well, it took me a couple of days to feel better, that wasn't fun at all!

So, since I missed 10 things Thursday and today is Saturday, how about I could do either 6 or 16 things Saturday (ha!)....let's see how it goes!!!

1.  70 lbs. lost in 6 months is HUGE for me, I've never done it!  Not once in my entire adult life, I should reward myself, but I don't know how.  I really hate spending money since we've been trying to pay stuff off lately......

2.  Kids are back to school on Tuesday.  Most things have been bought.  L still needs new socks and M needs some new shoes.  She picked out some cute pink Converse, but alas, she has her mother's wide feet and likes being comfortable so she said no!!

3.  L had TWO, yes TWO supply lists!  One for his general ed classroom and one for his ASD classroom, which we visited on Wednesday.  Apparently both ASD teachers are new to the building.  I really hope this is a GREAT year for him.

4.  I am basically "training" L's general ed teacher on food allergies.  It feels like she's never had any kids with them in her class.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  I get to tell her the way I like things done to keep him safe vs. the way other people have allowed their children to stay safe (which may not be as high of a standard as mine).

5.  M's "preppy" look shopping went really well.  You should see the cute clothes she picked out.  I'll post some pics as she wears them!  She has cute taste, even at 12!

6.  P has a 3 day weekend, which means the pool comes down, some family time and some sleeping in.  He's still asleep now and that's 4 hours later than he usually does :)  He gets up REALLY early.

7.  We had thought about taking our kids to the local Renaissance Festival, but my mother-in-law made mention that she thinks that the turkey legs are fried in peanut oil.  Sigh.  So, I called the offices.  The response I got, "Oh, I don't work there.  But, if you tell them your dietary restrictions, they can let you know."  Ok wait, didn't you just answer the phone for the festival??  I'm thinking you should know the stuff for the festival like this?  AND, I really didn't feel like explaining to her that I'm not spending $50 to just into the place to turn around and find out that 100's of people are walking around with what could potentially be death meat sticks!  The problem is we don't know how sensitive he is, because he is SO allergic according to his tests, so if someone holds something with peanut oil, touches a surface and then he comes along and touches the same surface, what kind of reaction is he going to have?  I can't protect him for forever, he's eventually going to make choices of his own, but right now I can and I get choose what we do!

****I'm talking a lot about food allergies today, huh??  It happens.****

8.  Today, I think we are going to go with friends somewhere.  This girl has been my best friend since we practically babies.  Not sure what's in store today, but I'm sure it'll be fun.

9.  Finally got my kid's bus times, because L has a special bus route, both kids leave at the same time.  Mornings should be fun around here.  Advantage, they will both be leaving at the same time!!

10.  No band issues this week, other than not drinking enough water.  My new restriction has changed how much I can gulp.  I used to be able to drink a bottle of water in like 4 drinks.  Not anymore.....

11.  I saw my husband's grandfather in the grocery store yesterday and I don't think I've seen him since before my surgery.  He asked how much I've lost and I told him.  He told me I look good.  I think this is a big confidence booster for me that people are starting to notice constantly.

12.  I need to start cleaning out my clothes, but then I would be naked and well, nobody wants to see that.  I have clothes a friend gave me, but I suspect they are still too small at least 30 lbs. away before they fit.

13.  Trying a new crockpot recipe today I got off of Pinterest.  I love Pinterest.  I love my crockpot.  Except, I hate cleaning it.  Thank goodness for a dishwasher.  Italian chicken with potatoes and carrots.

14.  Band related, been snacking.  Shouldn't be, but my restriction is so good, can't get away with too much.

Ok, I'm done....I don't want to keep boring you with random facts from me, I wish I could think of something REALLY good and juicy.  I have nothing really, really good band related to say.