Friday, September 21, 2012

Bad Day Yesterday

We had a bad day yesterday.  Like a REALLY bad day yesterday.

It started off fine.  L told me that he didn't feel good after he sneezed a couple of times, but I thought, hmmmm, he's just trying to get out of school.

Off to school my kids went and about 25 mins. or so after they left I get a call from the school saying the bus was still in route to the school but they got a call saying that L had gotten sick on the bus.  Sigh.

Poor buddy!  So, I asked if they wanted me to meet them on the route or at the school, they wanted me to meet them at the school.  So, armed with a new set of clothes, wash cloth and plastic bags, I went to the school a half an hour later (yes the bus route is that long).

Got him cleaned up and home and just as I was walking in the door I get a text from my husband saying, don't worry I'm not fired but I'm coming home soon.  What?!?!???  What does that mean???

So, as I'm trying to pray for him and not trying to panic and freak out about that text, which by the way, he got a text back saying, um, you can't send me texts like this without more detail, I got clothes into the washer and L into the tub.

P texted me back more detail.  A massive work violence incident had taken place and they were sending everyone home.  Good thing he finally told me.  I was worried about his job.  Which is awful to say now.  Something very terrible has happened.  Then it was a good thing he texted me period.  A little while later the news was blasting the event everywhere and I would have been worried about him had I not been able to get into contact with him.

So, once I knew he was ok, focus back on poor L.  He was totally ok the rest of the day.  I think he had some massive drainage going on and the bus ride did him in.  We kept his diet kind of low key most of the day.  He kind of laid around the house playing his Leap Pad and watching tv.

We had both kids' curriculum nights last night.  SIGH.  SIGH.  SIGH.  Apparently they have MASSIVELY changed the way they grade in our school district.  They weigh test scores much more heavily now, which is not good for my girl.  She is a hard worker.  She does all of homework and tries very hard, but is not a good test taker.

I was kind of surprised to see her Language Arts teacher is covered in tats up one arm.  Threw me off a little last night.  Also, the fact that I'm older than him too.  I think this is starting to become a trend.  That means I'm getting old......

We really don't have to talk about the scale do we?  Like I said yesterday, I have gained a half of pound and it hasn't moved in a while.  This is really frustrating to me, but I also know what I'm doing wrong, so if I want it to change then I need to stop what I'm doing wrong to make it better!!!!  I miss the honeymoon phase!!!!!! 

Did I tell you P has a new role at work?  He is a team leader.  I think he is really going to like his new position and his team.  He took doughnuts into work this morning, more specifically Krispy Kremes!!  Mmmmm, doughnuts.  We like Krispy Kreme.  For a couple of reasons.  One, um, they taste awesome.  But, more importantly, they are totally nut free!!  Yep, we can walk in there and our boy can have any of the doughnuts without worry!!  It kind of rocks!

Today is Friday!!!  Friday is always a good day right??  We kept L home just for good measure (even though I think he could have went to school).  So, if I do any errands today, I have a 6 year old in tow. 

Lots of plans this weekend and hopefully no sickness detours us!  L has his first Tiger Cub meeting tonight.  His uncle (my hubby's youngest brother) is the leader of his den.  This is so awesome to me!  For so many reasons.  First, the meetings are at his house and he has already let the other parents know that a child in the den has a severe peanut allergy and that they need to be cognizant of that before coming.  Second, my in-laws are well versed in L's autism, so if he needs a break from an activity, he can walk away without being judged.  Also, since he knows their house, he can walk away to a place he knows :)  Lastly (and most importantly), he will grow closer to his uncle and his cousin with my hubby in the scouting world.  My daughter and I did Girl Scouts for 5 years (this is our first year NOT doing scouts) and we grew very close to the other scouts and moms.  I anticipate this for my boys and for them to do it with family, can only be good :)  I'm very excited for them! 

P has a family day scheduled at work tomorrow.  Not sure in the light of everything if it's still planned.  If so, we plan on going with the kids.  M's been there before when she was little, but L's never been.  Also, Finding Nemo in the theatre has never been seen by L.  He wasn't born yet ;)  So, I think that may need to be in order.  Oh and of course we may have to take advantage the cider mill again.

Have a good day everyone!  I know I plan on it!


  1. Poor baby! Glad he's feeling better. I'm glad your husband is OK after the violent incident thing. How scary!

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