Saturday, September 15, 2012

There are Band Rules for a Reason

If you haven't discovered this yet, then you and your band are living in perfect harmony.

I on the other hand, have unfortunately discovered it.

Band lesson #12 (is that what I'm on, I've lost track): when your office tells you to eat your protein first, it's probably for good reason!! Oh yes, I'm not too bad at following most of the rules. But, I tend to be a breaker every now and then. The other night we decided to have food out. Well, they had fast food, I had a egg substitute veggie omlete from one of local restaurants. I had the very smallest amout of hashbrowns and a half of piece of toast on my plate as well (gave the other 3 halves of toast and the TON O' hashbrowns to P).

Did I follow the rules?? Nope. At the other stuff first. Consequences? I had to wait FOREVER while that stuff moved through my band before I could eat the omlete. Which means it had to go in the fridge and be rewarmed (not the same:-/).

So, am I learning? Yes! Because I didn't try to eat after I got full. So I "listened to my band". Do I still have a lot to learn?



  1. I will eat things that make me sick. Dont know why I do that...I think maybe this time it will be better. NOPE!

  2. I can't do hashbrowns any more. Almost all potatoes give me problems...and I get sad about it, because I love potatoes any way you can fix them :)

  3. I have potato issues too, but it depends on the day. Oh the joys of the band!!!

  4. The joy of learning about our bands. Just when you think you have it figured out... it changes. lol. Hang in there.

  5. The important thing was not to push it. That could've ended must worse than it did. :)

  6. I try really hard to get my protein in early in the day. Doesn't always work, but that's the only way I can make it work. I've also started eating a lot of nuts and using cottage cheese to make a ranch dressing. Any way to squeeze a little extra protein in is always good!