Saturday, September 1, 2012


I haven't blogged in a few days.  A little bit busy, a little bit lazy, a little bit MAYBE doesn't want to be accountable.......I've been wavering up and down a bit right around that 70 mark....70.4, 70, 70.2.  I know what I'm doing wrong.  I've also this week not felt well, it took me a couple of days to feel better, that wasn't fun at all!

So, since I missed 10 things Thursday and today is Saturday, how about I could do either 6 or 16 things Saturday (ha!)....let's see how it goes!!!

1.  70 lbs. lost in 6 months is HUGE for me, I've never done it!  Not once in my entire adult life, I should reward myself, but I don't know how.  I really hate spending money since we've been trying to pay stuff off lately......

2.  Kids are back to school on Tuesday.  Most things have been bought.  L still needs new socks and M needs some new shoes.  She picked out some cute pink Converse, but alas, she has her mother's wide feet and likes being comfortable so she said no!!

3.  L had TWO, yes TWO supply lists!  One for his general ed classroom and one for his ASD classroom, which we visited on Wednesday.  Apparently both ASD teachers are new to the building.  I really hope this is a GREAT year for him.

4.  I am basically "training" L's general ed teacher on food allergies.  It feels like she's never had any kids with them in her class.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  I get to tell her the way I like things done to keep him safe vs. the way other people have allowed their children to stay safe (which may not be as high of a standard as mine).

5.  M's "preppy" look shopping went really well.  You should see the cute clothes she picked out.  I'll post some pics as she wears them!  She has cute taste, even at 12!

6.  P has a 3 day weekend, which means the pool comes down, some family time and some sleeping in.  He's still asleep now and that's 4 hours later than he usually does :)  He gets up REALLY early.

7.  We had thought about taking our kids to the local Renaissance Festival, but my mother-in-law made mention that she thinks that the turkey legs are fried in peanut oil.  Sigh.  So, I called the offices.  The response I got, "Oh, I don't work there.  But, if you tell them your dietary restrictions, they can let you know."  Ok wait, didn't you just answer the phone for the festival??  I'm thinking you should know the stuff for the festival like this?  AND, I really didn't feel like explaining to her that I'm not spending $50 to just into the place to turn around and find out that 100's of people are walking around with what could potentially be death meat sticks!  The problem is we don't know how sensitive he is, because he is SO allergic according to his tests, so if someone holds something with peanut oil, touches a surface and then he comes along and touches the same surface, what kind of reaction is he going to have?  I can't protect him for forever, he's eventually going to make choices of his own, but right now I can and I get choose what we do!

****I'm talking a lot about food allergies today, huh??  It happens.****

8.  Today, I think we are going to go with friends somewhere.  This girl has been my best friend since we practically babies.  Not sure what's in store today, but I'm sure it'll be fun.

9.  Finally got my kid's bus times, because L has a special bus route, both kids leave at the same time.  Mornings should be fun around here.  Advantage, they will both be leaving at the same time!!

10.  No band issues this week, other than not drinking enough water.  My new restriction has changed how much I can gulp.  I used to be able to drink a bottle of water in like 4 drinks.  Not anymore.....

11.  I saw my husband's grandfather in the grocery store yesterday and I don't think I've seen him since before my surgery.  He asked how much I've lost and I told him.  He told me I look good.  I think this is a big confidence booster for me that people are starting to notice constantly.

12.  I need to start cleaning out my clothes, but then I would be naked and well, nobody wants to see that.  I have clothes a friend gave me, but I suspect they are still too small at least 30 lbs. away before they fit.

13.  Trying a new crockpot recipe today I got off of Pinterest.  I love Pinterest.  I love my crockpot.  Except, I hate cleaning it.  Thank goodness for a dishwasher.  Italian chicken with potatoes and carrots.

14.  Band related, been snacking.  Shouldn't be, but my restriction is so good, can't get away with too much.

Ok, I'm done....I don't want to keep boring you with random facts from me, I wish I could think of something REALLY good and juicy.  I have nothing really, really good band related to say.



  1. Awesome loss in 6 months. ;) And water is always a challenge for me. I need to always remind myself.

  2. That's an amazing loss in six months! You are doing SO great!

    I hope you guys have a great holiday today and enjoy your family time. :)