Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ten Things Thursday (TTT)

1.  :)  Not only did I get my major goal of 75, I flew past it!  I was 74.8 yesterday, today 76!!  Yippie!!

2.  School pics today for my 7th grader.  She didn't want to wear anything too fancy and do anything too fancy with her hair.  So, we made sure to iron the same shirt she wore the first day of school and curled her hair a bit today.  Oh, and mascara and lip gloss of course!

3.  I am finally on the mend!!  Can I say thank goodness for steroids and antibiotics?!!  The steroids have cleared up my head like crazy, but they are keeping me up at night.  I cannot stand the side effects.  My poor hubby caught what I had and was going to try to tough it out and not take his meds, he didn't make it.  Started his doses last night....oh and one more thing.  The doctor has me taking liquid antibiotics just to make it easier on my stomach/lap band.  YUCK!!  My poor kids, all these years they've been taking this stuff.  Yucky......

4.  My parents are celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary tomorrow!!  How awesome is that!!

5.  My little guy.  What am I going to do with him??  Special needs, well, they aren't much fun sometimes.  I keep getting notes home that he has at least one time out.  So, we had a good little discussion last night.  Hopefully he remembers everything we talked about and it gets better.  Good thing his teachers are so awesome.  They don't get paid enough, I'm sure!

6.  The weather has been so lovely and we have been so couped up in the house with both parents being sick.  The kids have been well.  I think allergies are starting to get to the two of them, but other than that they've managed not to get what we have.  Knock on wood...if I believed in that stuff ;)

7.  I wish money grew on trees.  P has a new job at work and is at training all week.  He got a tiny bump in pay, and when I say tiny, I mean tiny.  But, soon enough all his little overtime that we love we hear is going to go away.  If that happens, well it's back to work for this SAHM.  Which is fine, except my kids really like me being at home with them.  Luckily I have an awesome relationship with the company I work for and do several projects here and there for them, so I can somewhat come and go.  Never really full time.  So, it works for us.  Hopefully when I need to something will be there.  Actually I have already began praying.  God knows my needs and I know He can provide them.  He always does.

8.  Hoping to do some fun things again this weekend.  We also need to do a little work again.  I've been on a cleaning jag.  Getting things all straightened up before winter hits.  Feels like it's going to be here before I know it.  M's room needs some serious organizing.  L's does too.  Actually all of his toys, AGAIN.  Why is that a never ending battle??  Also, Finding Nemo in 3D starts Friday!!  Who's going???  L wasn't born when it came out in the theatre's the first time.  I jumped out of my skin when Bruce appeared for the first time.  Can't imagine what he'll look like in 3D!!  Hmmmm, maybe the cider mill again....might really need to make that a thing......

9.  Gas is so stinkin' expensive, right??  I haven't been anywhere this week except the doctor!  So, I guess that's the advantage of being sick.  I've saved gas.  Silver lining.......

10.  I need some new ideas for dinner.  I'm kinda getting sick of making the same things over and over again.  I do look at pinterest often, but as a bandster and someone trying to eat a little more healthy, some of those recipes just don't cut it.  Wondering what some of your favorite things to make are!

Have a great Thursday!!!