Thursday, September 6, 2012


1.  I should have won mom of the year yesterday. I set my alarm for the proper time, when it went off I shut it off. Promptly thought, hmmmm, I have a few minutes to lay here before I have to get them up.  Then fell right back to sleep. Then didn't wake up until they should have been walking out the door for their buses. I immediately went into panic mode. Luckily, L was being an awesome listener got dressed (shorts on backwards that needed help), went to the bathroom, etc. with little encouragement. M was awesome too. She's old enough to get herself completely out of the house, breakfast, lunch, etc. so, while I was getting him out the door for his bus, she got herself ready. I told her I would drive her so she would have some extra time.

2.  Fail #2 came when L's ASD teacher called and said, "Mrs. S, you didn't pack L a lunch and he's in the lunchroom crying saying you are coming to get him." Now every year since my daughter started kindergarten I could be accused of being an overcommunicator, but I thought maybe that was annoying. Apparently, she had forgotten that he had an appt. with the opthamologist and I didn't remind her.  That's not her fault, it's mine.  And, I had totally planned on being there BEFORE his lunch to pick him up.  I had a note that stated his lunch was a certain time.  Well, it is if he's in his gen ed class.  But, he goes to lunch with this ASD class, like 40 mins. earlier!!!!!  No one told me that and I had reminded her, I probably would have found that out.  FAIL!!!!

3.  L's eye appt. didn't go quite like I thought it would.  L had exotropia of his left eye has infant/baby. 

See the left eye how it isn't looking straight on.  It was so sad.  At 11 months, he had eye muscle surgery.  Before the surgery, we had patches on his eye and glasses.  He looked like Chicken Little :)  Well, the other day they are noticing a new/old problem.  His left eye is now drifting up instead of out.  It has done this before, but not to the severity it was the other day.  So, now we keep an eye on it (no pun intended).  Instead of a yearly appointment, we go back in 6 months, then again 6 months after that.  If it looks good, then obviously nothing.  If it stays the same or gets worse we are looking at another surgery in about a year.  This really isn't a surprise.  When he was a baby we were warned most kids that start off having surgeries like these end up with more than one in their lifetimes.

4.  My kids are adjusting to school very well.  My daughter just rocks let me tell you!  She comes straight home, straight to her room and rocks out her homework first thing so she can watch tv, play DS, do whatever for the rest of the night!  Proud of that kid!  L is doing ok.  It's harder for him to adjust.  But, he seems to have a pretty decent attitude and I will take that any day of the week!

5.  Cleaned out my closet yesterday and have almost 2 garbage bags full of clothes that are too big.  I'm thinking I'm down like a size and a half to 2 sizes.  I know it's weird.  Some things 2 sizes, but some things, not quite 2 sizes.

6.  Haven't been getting my water in lately.  Really working on it today.  Not a fan.  What is your favorite way to drink water?

7.  It's supposed to cool down a bit here and there, that means it's getting closer to fall, which means it's time for the cider mill!!!  Love this time of year.  For 3/4 of us in this house it means it's birthday time.  With 5 weeks it's mine, L's and P's birthdays.  It was that way for me growing up in my house too, except, I was the odd man out.  My parents and brother are all within 12 days of each other.

8.  Pinewood Derby Races were at church last night.  Our little man did really well.  He won 2 out of 3 heats he was in.  He made a red Angry Bird car.  It was very cute.  He won a participation trophy.

9.  I made an Italian Chicken pinterest recipe the other night.  The chicken was super moist.  That's about the best thing I can say about it.

10.  Going to leave some progress photos.  An old pic from a couple of years ago and one from today. 


  1. That first picture doesn't even look like you!!
    Way to go on being down 2 sizes!! FANTASTIC!!!
    I love Cider Mills, unfortunately I don't think they have those in AZ, much less a season called Fall!!!

  2. I am working on my water right now too. I have 24oz bottle and set a goal for when to finish it. One before lunch. One after lunch. One when I get home. I will increase it a little more once I get this down. so far so good!

    Take the word verification off!!! lol. Please!! I suck at those!! ;)

  3. You look great!!!

    I love fall too...we have (within 2 weeks) myself and two of the kids bdays and it's so much fun! I can't wait for the weather to change!

    The easiest way I get my water in is to fill up my 24oz bottle and just make sure I drink it in the morning and after lunch. I treat myself to a cup of tea after I've finished the afternoon bottle. I'm not as good getting in water at night unless I've been running though. :(

  4. 2 sizes is awesome!

    I sip water all day. That's the only way I'll get it all in.

    I loved Fall when I lived in SC and OH but in AZ, everything just feels like Spring or Summer. :(

  5. Thanks everyone!!! I appreciate the kind comments :)