Saturday, September 8, 2012

My week

My week in a nutshell (and run-on sentence) consisted of the following:
kids started school, fell back to sleep after shutting off alarm, son did awesome in pinewood derby at church, daughter already doing well in homework, daughter ran for 17 minutes straight in gym class (big time for her, she was quite proud and I'm going to keep encouraging her), I managed to clean out my closet, wash several loads of clothes passed down to me and for my son, made dinner at home a good portion of the week, became quite frustrated with the scale as it hardly moved this week at all, we put our pool away, cleaned out a shed together, I cleaned out the garage today and very much surprised my husband by doing so, doing that makes me happy first because he does so much for us, second because it needed cleaning so badly and lastly because I moved for two hours straight, I think I may have hurt my back in the process, my allergies stink so horribly right now, fall weather is creeping in and am excited for maybe a little side trip with the family tomorrow (I'll try to take some pics), Popsicles are my friends today and although my choices are ah, ok today so far I'm managing to stay within my numbers (except maybe carbs - errrr carbs).

Whew! Got all that! Hey girls (& guys) I'm thinking most of my readers tend to be of the female persuasion, I just want to thank you for always being so kind and encouraging!! You all rock so much!!

P.S. I turned my word verification off :)


  1. Busy, busy week for you! Hope your back gets better quick!

  2. And thanks for turning off the verification! :)

  3. lol!! Thanks for turning off word verification. :)

  4. I'm telling you it's hard work getting those kiddos back in school and getting ready for fall! Hang in there with the scale thing, it'll come off!

  5. Reading that makes me tired, I can't imagine how you are feeling! I hope your back gets better quick, that can be such a limiting thing. :(