Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Try #2 at today's blog

So I tried to blog earlier today and my phone erased it :-/

So, here I am sitting at the PCP office waiting to be seen and blogging. My back is good (thanks for your kind words). But, what I thought was my allergies I now think is a full on something infection. Sigh. And to make it worse, I think I passed it on to P. So I called this morning and of course he had nothing open. I told the appointment taker that I had a brand new lap band and this was the first time I've been sick with it. I really wanted to see my doctor. So, she emailed him and he fit me in.

Sinus infection. Yuck. So, here I sit waiting for scripts. Tiny pills to dry up my head and liquid antibiotic. And I'm contagious. So, I'm going to let the kids kinda stay in other rooms so that I don't pass on these germs to them!! No reason to be sick at the beginning of the school year!

Did I tell you the scale moved finally? Just a bit, but it did move. 73.2! I'll take it.

Ok, I'm gonna go now and drive around and hope that the meds are done. Ready to crawl back into bed. Sigh. It's such a nice day out. My luck.

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  1. Yay for the scale moving! And yay for the dr fitting you in...I hope the meds clear you up ASAP!