Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello from the Land of Plateau

The view sucks from down here :)

I'm trying to have a good attitude!  I really am.  I decided this morning after literally yelling at my scale (like it's his fault....notice I gave him a gender of male....hmmmm, wonder what Freud would think of that?) that I have gone as far as I could with just the surgery and dieting.  It's time to get to working out.


I hate to exercise.  No, I really do.  For you people who "like" to exercise, I just don't get it.  Maybe I will someday and I will look back on this and be like, remember when I hated working out.....I seriously doubt it though.

So, since I hate to workout, I really need to find something that packs a bunch of stuff in, in the least amount of time.  So, today I went to my gym and walked on the treadmill at an incline (first time ever....sigh) for ten minutes.  Then I decided, I really do want to be a runner someday, but if I don't start running, I never will be.  But how do you START running?  I guess you just go?  Right????  So, I know I have no endurance right now as far as running goes, so, just do some intervals.  So, I would do minute and a half here and there.  I did a total of 10 minutes of running (really it was probably jogging to a lot of people) and 30 minutes of walking and 10 of those minutes were at an incline.  I'm sure I will be sore.  But, I need to keep it up.

I also think I might need to get in and see my nutritionist.  I'm sure my calorie intake is too low.  Remember a while ago when they did my last fill they said worry about portions not numbers....well, now we need to worry about numbers apparently.

I've lost a total of 78.5 lbs since the beginning of March.  I'm not complaining.  But, I really like the trajectory I'm on and would like to continue, because I still have a lot to go.  I'm one of those people who probably "should have had" gastric bypass, but that just plain scares me.  So, I want to show the world that lap band is a good choice for me too!!

I have a bunch of personal life stuff too going on.  I'll tell you all about that another time.  Good stuff :)  Well, mostly.  Nothing too awful for sure ;)

Have a good night everyone!!!


  1. Woo hoo on the running! 10 minutes in a row is FANTASTIC! When I started running I did Couch Potato to 5k, and that has you start at 30 or 60 seconds. So you are doing fantastic! :)

  2. No, not 10 mins straight. I would do a min and a half and then walk and then a min and a half and then walk. Did a total of 10 minutes. You are a rockstar though in the running!!!

  3. You're right...you just GO. Honestly though...working out hasn't done squat for me on the weight loss front. I FEEL fitter and healthier but the scale is still stalled.

  4. My suggestion is to get a trainer 2x per week. I'd go with a guy. That relationship is really motivating. I'm married too, but there is just something about him pushing me that motivates me, where the girl trainer I had just irritated me. Strength traiining is where you will see the inch loss and your core tighten up.

  5. What an AMAZING loss!! Congrats!!! :) You should be super stinking proud. Don't let the plateu bumm you out. They happen. Keep up with your bad self. :)