Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NSV anyone?

On Saturday we took the kids out for a little fun and shopping for good report cards. I think that kids who work hard and do well deserve to get rewarded. Some parents believe that it's their job. Often big companies give bonuses to employees who do their jobs well. Just my humble opinion ;)

I digress. We went to the mall. First we went to Johnny Rocket's. If you've never been to a Johnny Rocket's, it's like a old '50's diner feel with burgers and shakes. Not the best place for a bandster. But, it's where my hubby picked. So, we went in and when I saw how small the booth was I got that little panicked voice inside. But, I sat down. No problems. BIG NSV!!!! (non-scale victory). Also, I made a decent food choice, which is hard there. I had a turkey patty with some mushrooms and cheese, no bun and well, fries. I had half the patty, a couple of fries and then my band was starting to say done, done, done! So, I was done!!!!!!

We walked around the mall. Took my daughter to a punk store (so not her style, she's very much a Tommy Hilfiger, Polo, Old Navy - in other words - preppy), but we found her another Doctor Who shirt. Oh yeah and a sonic screwdriver key ring. She was a happy girl.

P and I bought a new candle. Sweet strawberries. It's our favorite.

We went to see Monsters Inc. in 3D. We enjoyed it very much. It was the very first movie we took M to. Last time we saw it in the theatre, M was in footsie pj's with a bottle. Quite a while ago ;)

After we stopped by to some of the old troop members from Girl Scouts, we bought 2 boxes of cookies. By the way, I also have 9 boxes on order......yikes. Another NSV, I've only eaten 1 cookie.

So Saturday was lovely!

Yesterday I had a PT appointment. I missed Friday because of the snow. Couple of things about PT I've learned, you kind of know when you are done. Friday is my last day. I think unless my back really, really flares up I should be good. Secondly, make better shirt choices when going. Some of the exercises are not good for a modest woman. A v-neck t-shirt, not good when you have to do stuff. Just sayin'!

Ok, scale.....103.4!!!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


1. Ever have a day where all you do is keep putting your foot in your mouth? Today was that day. It stressed me out big time.

2.  We may have a major snow storm headed our way here. 4-6 inches expected. That's actually gone down. Earlier today it was 4-8.

3. Weight loss, 102.4 lbs!!!!!!!

4.  I'm falling asleep typing this.....

5.  The new clothes I bought in October when I went back to work are too big!!

6. We are saving up for a major vacay and a certain special 13 yr old b-day this year!!!!!

7.  Totally addicted to 3 BBC shows!!

8.  Can't wait for Psych to return soon to USA!

9.  If the roads are bad in the morning, I'm cancelling PT.

10. I'm very sleepy!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Ok well, I finally got up and I'm not dizzy anymore. But I feel like someone punched me in the face!!!

Onto good news! I hit a MAJOR goal this morning!!

100.4 lbs!!

Yep!! I cannot believe it. I started my loss journey in early March of last year and lost 25 lbs between March and May 21st (my surgery date). Since my surgery I've lost 75.4!!!

I feel so happy to finally see that number but in the same breath also know I still have a long way to go!!

Thanks to you all for reading. To my family and friends for the encouragement. To my Lap Band for this great help!!!


Ugh. So, I've been laying here for almost an hour waiting for the peeps in my house to wake up. They are still asleep. Which is good. I mean it is Saturday.

The problem is I'm sick. I went to the doctor yesterday and it's a sinus thing with some wheezing but by the time I went to bed last night I was so dizzy. I have never been that dizzy before in my life. My husband had to help me to bathroom for fear of falling!

This morning I woke up and my sinuses hurt. I don't feel dizzy when I'm laying down but when I sit up and try to walk. Not. Fun.

So, back to me laying here. I don't want to wake up hubby yet but if I can't walk today we may need to figure this out.

This stinks. Saturdays are supposed to be for fun. Maybe once I'm up and at 'em I'll feel good. That's my hope.

What are you up to this weekend??