Thursday, February 7, 2013


1. Ever have a day where all you do is keep putting your foot in your mouth? Today was that day. It stressed me out big time.

2.  We may have a major snow storm headed our way here. 4-6 inches expected. That's actually gone down. Earlier today it was 4-8.

3. Weight loss, 102.4 lbs!!!!!!!

4.  I'm falling asleep typing this.....

5.  The new clothes I bought in October when I went back to work are too big!!

6. We are saving up for a major vacay and a certain special 13 yr old b-day this year!!!!!

7.  Totally addicted to 3 BBC shows!!

8.  Can't wait for Psych to return soon to USA!

9.  If the roads are bad in the morning, I'm cancelling PT.

10. I'm very sleepy!

1 comment:

  1. I'm becoming addicted to BBC...I devoured Downton and now we are racing through Doctor Who! :)