Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Weigh In

10/18 Weigh in: 170.2 lbs
10/11 Weigh in 169.2 lbs

So what happened that week, my birthday. That's what happened. Then on 10/18 my dad had major surgery. The surgeon went in saying he was hoping just to do it (remove a polyp from my dad's stomach) laprosopic and he'd be home in 3-4 days.  But, depending on where it was and other circumstances, they may have to open him up and oh yeah, there's the possibility that I might have to take out half of your stomach.  Well, they ended up not being able to do it laprosopic, however, they were able to only remove the polyp and he still has his stomach!!! 

You know the time when they are about to take you into surgery and the anesthiologist is going over everything one more time? Well, that was the time my great-great aunt l, who is almost 93 and usually lives with my parents but is currently rehabbing at a nursing home (whew), they call and tell my mom that they think she's had a stroke! Talk about awful timing. So, between all of that and my son has had some awful ASD days. My daughter was struggling (she pushes herself when it comes to school) with algebra this week but my hubby said he saw the light bulb go on and that's an awesome indication that she is finally getting it. So, long story short, I saw 174. something this week. Freaked me out a bit. So, P hid my scale and I ate better. No more stress eating!!!!

This Week's Weight: 167.8 lbs
Weekly Loss: 2.4 lbs
Total Loss: 148.2 lbs

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Weigh In

10/8 Weigh in (forgot to do a weigh in last week): 172.2 lbs (which has been roughly my weight for the last week or so bouncing up and down but right around that)
This Week's Weight: 170.2 lbs
Weekly Loss: 2 lbs
Total Loss: 145.8

Listen, this lap band thing and certainly this tummy tuck thing is not easy BUT I am soooooo grateful and thankful. And would do it again in a heartbeat!!!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Before and Right Now Pics

So, I posted a pic on Instagram and Facebook yesterday of me before. It's of me and my daughter in 2009.  This was a reminder to NEVER go back. I know the scale fluctuates. But to NEVER go back!!!

I wish I would have had my hubby take a full shot pic of me on Sunday. I had on a new size (for me) jeans and a slenderizing black t-shirt for church (yep, we are that kind of church!) and I felt thinner looking. So, I do have a "selfie" I took. Please note my hair is a tint of green because we launched a bunch of stuff that day and I was trying to make it more fun for the kids. 

So here I am at about 172.2. Above, probably around 316ish. Big difference. 

One of the best decisions of my life. Is the lap band easy?? Um, NO!!! Is it possible? Most definitely!!  Is it work? Absolutely!!! Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!!!

In tummy tuck and other news, I'm having my belly button revision today. And I go back to work on Monday. I haven't worked since mid-June. I hope my brain remembers everything!!!!! My boss is the best. I am also hoping to schedule my incision revision today too. It'll be during Christmas break (fun huh?). But, I figure I've taken enough time off work. And my plastic surgeon said it shouldn't be a big deal.