Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Whew.  We made it through that plateau.  Any other time in my life, diet wise, I would have given up.  Seriously...would have just said, forget about it, it's not working, it's not worth it, let's eat!

This time, I went back to basics, jumped back on the "band wagon" (see what I did there??) and well, it's starting to come down again.

Whew.  I made it through.

I am so close to another one of my personal goals, I'm talking like 0.6 lbs away.  It's really exciting.

This morning's weigh in was good.  I'm officially down 87.4 lbs.  I've noticed for me the biggest thing is my protein.  My protein count HAS to be high.  Like mega-high.  I know when I went for my nutrition appointments they said originally 60-80 grams a day.  Then a month later they said they are finding people are having more success closer to the 80 gram mark.  I asked if I could bump mine up, I'm closer to 100-110 grams a day.  The nutritionist said the biggest thing to remember is not to have more than 45 grams per meal. 

I have also really bumped up that water intake.  I know a lot of you kick butt in the water department, like half of your weight in ounces, I can't do that.  I feel like a rock star if I get 4 - 16.9 ounce bottles in me.  I try to drink 3 between leaving for work and returning home and one while at home at night.  If I get one in while driving into work, two while at work and then one at home, that about does it for me.

So, here I am, a happy bandster again.

What I'm not happy about is the weather.  I can't complain about our weather here with all the poor people on the east coast enduring what they are, bless their hearts.  I hope if you are on that side of our country, you are safe and dry and your home is safe. 

We are just getting a piece of Sandy here and my daughter's school is actually without power today because of it.  So, she and I are home today.  She's enjoying time alone with no brother to bother her.  She's going to be able to play on the Wii and watch tv, but also get some studying and reading in for school as well. 

Halloween is tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be awful, but see I feel bad even saying that because there are kids on the east coast who can't even trick or treat.  Awful.  Awful.  Sigh.

But, to brighten your day just a touch, my new blog friend Jen over at What you Lookin at Skinny?? has pics up from her Halloween weekend....check out her hubby and then look my two from 2 years ago.......I told her I would post my almost 5 year old (then, he's almost 7 now) costume to show her!!  Yes, they were Scooby and Daphne.  I loved the themed costumes....sadly this year they are two totally different things.  Things they love, but not related.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogging Blah!

I know I haven't been around.....sorry.


I've been in a funk about my weight loss and quite frankly when that is what your blog is supposed to be about, it's kinda hard to get on your blog and talk about it. Especially when you want to be that encouraging voice in other's ears. I do want to be honest and open so that anyone who is really wanting to understand this journey can really know what it's like, but honestly, some days, I don't feel like it.


Good news, I'm on a upswing, but it's hard work. All of you who are on this same journey know, this is hard work. Gaining weight was easy. Eat. How hard, right? I mean we all have to eat to live. But, what you do to yourself mentally after is the difficult part.....I never really thought I mental issues with food until now. Ugh. I should have known. I think I always really did kinda know deep down, but I pushed it so deep down, I pretended it wasn't there.....


So, back to the good news. I called my office because quite frankly I've been eating like crap and getting really down on myself questioning on if I needed a fill or not. I've been really not wanting another fill because I'm only a few months into this and already I'm at 6.5 out of 11 cc's and really want to have wiggle room as time goes on and not "use up" all my cc's this early.


So, I called my office and made my appointment (oops, already had one). Then I emailed my nutritionist some questions. It took 3 emails to get a straight answer.... :-/ That was FRUSTRATING. I have been in the room with her and asked her a question and she never gave me a flat out answer....kinda makes me worry about her....anyway, I've REALLY pumped up my protein intake and it seems to be working. I've figured out some numbers.


It’s been 34 weeks of weight loss for me.


Since then, I’ve lost 86 lbs.

That’s an average of 2.5 lbs a week.

I started at the beginning of March and thru May 21st (which was my surgery date) I lost 25 lbs, that’s 12 weeks roughly.

That was an average of 2.08 lbs a week.

So, there have been 34 weeks total of weight loss minus the 12 weeks prior to my surgery that means it’s only been 22 weeks since my surgery.

86 lbs total weight loss since I started back in March, 25 lbs of that was before my surgery.  86 – 25 is 61 lb. since my surgery.

So, since my surgery I’m averaging 2.77 lbs. a week.

Did you catch all that?  My NP and nutritionist both are really telling me I need to give myself a break and quit stressing out, but I ate really crappy the last few weeks and I know it’s a slippery slope.  Plus I really do have high expectations for myself.  I’d love to see that elusive 100 lb. mark before the end of the year.  Can you imagine, 100 lbs. in 9 months?  AWESOME!!  I mean I am gonna have to get on my horse (not literally) to get it done in the 2 months we have left.  14 lbs. is still 14 lbs.  I still have so much weight even after that 100 is gone.  That’s the saddest part of all. 

I am so proud though.  People are really noticing and I am getting a lot of compliments.  It’s very kind of people who are being my encouragers.  I really hope you have people in your lives who are doing that for you!

It’s FRIDAY people!  My bills are paid for the week, we have money left, now I need to figure out the menu for the week!  What is your household eating???

Thursday, October 18, 2012


1.  I haven't felt like posting because I'm at the same weight because I ate like crap for the last few days (I'm actually sitting here waiting for part of a stupid piece of pizza to make its way down not fun).

2. My birthday was this week. We had a lot of fun. Food. And togetherness. Love it.

3.  Autism stinks. My little guy was out of school for a week (yes, I missed a lot of work at my new job) and he got off schedule and when he got back, he had an awful day. Sigh. Autism stinks.

4.  My job is good. I'm glad it's an assignment. It'll give us an opportunity to see if we really need me to work once my hubby's job schedule changes (OT maybe bye bye).

5.  My daughter had two vaccines today, my son teased her relentlessly. Little does he know in 4 weeks it'll be his turn.

6.  I really hate that this weight isn't melting off like it was. I know a lot is my choices now.

7.  My boy has his tiger cub meeting tonight. We had some major work to get him ready for tonight!!! Lots to prepare for this meeting!!

8.  I'm waiting for my new phone to get here. Come on already!!!!!!

9.  I've been getting bits and pieces of spam comments on my blog, do you?

10.  Go Tigers!!!  I'm not crossing it out to say, nah......I'm crossing it out to update because they DID IT!!!!  TIGERS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!  Way to go guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick Post with Pics

Here's a post with pics from our adventure on Sunday!  Maybe I'll do a TTT later ;)

Here's the whole family on the hay ride freezing (HATING my double chin, but trying to be a better mom and actually take pics of me so my kids have some of me later in life!!)!

Don't they look like they are in a line up?  Poor M!  We didn't realize it but her coat zipper had broken last year and she needed a zipper, so she wore a jacket of mine that is MUCH to big on me now, much less her!!  She's swimming in it!

L pretended the tall grass in the apple orchard was an anemone, like from Finding Nemo.

Beautiful girl who's growing up before our very eyes!

Just us :)  I love this man!!  Hate my double chin, but love this man!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm just plain tired!!!

To all of you that work out of your home, you get big props from me!!!

I do frequently work outside of our home, but it's been like 6 or 7 months since I did last and just the first two days are kicking my butt!!

Let me go back, when I got the call I let them know that it was really important to me that if my kids are sick, field trip, etc. that I would need to be the one to stay home with them.

Enter Murphy's law. L got a fever the night before I was supposed to start work. But, in this case I really didn't feel it was right to call in on my very first day. So, my mother-in-law has graciously helped us out by keeping him the last two days. Tomorrow however, he has mommy at home with him and I'm off on Fridays. So, we have a trip to our family doctor in the morning to see what's going on. His fever is down but this cough, ugh.

I've had a bit of an ego boost this week, I think I may have told you already last week about one, but I've had two people within a week not recognize me! Now, these are people I see quite frequently. One of them is my sister-in-law( who I adore) and the other one was my Pastor's wife who I see typically once, twice and sometimes even three times a week :) Thank you ladies!!!!!

In other band related news, I'm doing pretty good. I've upped my protein shake from an 8 oz. to a 12 oz. shake. That way I know I'm getting more protein in everyday.

We went with friends to a very fun cider mill on Sunday (I will post some pics tomorrow) and on our way we stopped at Hardee's. There is not one single band friendly thing to eat on that menu. Well, they did have grilled chicken and a turkey burger, but I would like to take them off the bun and I was driving. So, since I had such a big shake that morning (a knew I was going to be getting in some senseless doughnut calories in) that I was going to skip lunch. I know not the greatest choice, but honestly what I had in the shake is easily calorie and more protein then what I usually have breakfast and lunch combined anyway. I did let myself have a sweet tea and I took a couple bites out of P's burger a few small fries so I wasn't starving but I think it was just a better choice.

When I went back to work, I saw quite a few people who knew that I was having the surgery because I had just left like 6-8 weeks before it. So, I got a few questions about it. One of them I hadn't heard yet, "Do you throw up a lot?" I answered her honestly, nope, only 3 times in the 6 months since my surgery.

That was until that exact same night. P says I jinxed myself. I don't know if I ate the roast I made too quickly or the broccoli was too "I can't think of a good word to describe....vegatabley" or if my band has been a little tight due to stress but my mom-in-law stayed and ate with us and I was pretty miserable. After she left I just couldn't get past the feeling, finally I just ran (literally) to the bathroom. PB. And well, relief.

So, I'm not sure what I weigh because with work I can't weigh myself at the right time of day. I'll have to see tomorrow or Friday.

Hope you all are good!!!!!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012


Well, I had a bit of a break in my plateau!!  Whew!  I now see a loss of 81 :)  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

So, I am going back to work officially!  Tuesday is my first day back and my dress clothes do NOT fit!  Let me digress a bit....

There is a mom 2 mom Facebook group I was invited to.  It is AWESOME!!  I have sold so much stuff on it!  I didn't know exactly what I was going to do with all the money I had made until yesterday.  I'm due for a phone upgrade and since I am within a 30 day window I was welcome to do so by my carrier!!  Yippie!!!  I am getting the phone I want!  I feel kinda selfish! 

So, last week I tried to have a garage sale, but it was a bust!!  So, I pushed a bit more with this mom 2 mom group and it has been awesome.  I have sold all my clothes today that I had left over that were just WAY too big.

Which moves me onto my NSV.  Since I am going to work and need to look somewhat professional, my size 28 (yes you read right....sigh) pants just don't fit anymore.  They are fitting like clown pants on me.  So, I went into the store and tried on clothes.  I took in a 22 and 24 thinking the 22 was going to be too small.  Not only did they fit, I even was able to buy one pair in a size 20!!!!

My new coat for the winter is only one size down a 2X, but hey, I'll take it!!  I'm so stinkin' excited!

I even had to get new shoes because I've lost weight in my feet.....that's a little weird, right???

If you are new to this, or thinking about doing this, it's no joke.  There are tough moments in this process.  But, it can work!!  Keep it up and it works!!!!!!!  I'm even in a plateau and would not change it for the world!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Ten Things Thursday, here we go.....

1.  My appointment with my nutritionist didn't go like I had hoped it would. I get a little frustrated by her and I like her at the same time.   I was there looking for real answers as to my nutrition like how to increase my calories, I got nothing.

2.  What I have gotten this week is a ton of encouragement. Between her and my NP this is what they are telling me, that usually most WLS patients have a plateau somewhere either at the 3 or 6 month mark.  I just passed my 6 month mark. They also told me that I'm doing as well as most of their gastric bypass patients and am at the point of where a lot of their bandsters are at a year. They are encouraging me to continue what I've been doing and to start exercising.

3.  I did go to the gym twice last week. Why can I not get motivated to go? I hate exercising. No, I mean I hate it. I know it will help my weight loss but I just cannot seem to wrap my brain around that yet.

4.  I'm going back to work! Yep, my office called and they have a middle term (not too short term, not too long term) assignment they'd like some help with.

5.  Know what this means?? Shopping!!! That's right!! The thing I've been putting off needs to happen now. All of my dress clothes are huge on me and I can't go to work like that. So, tomorrow I am going shopping. For new shoes too. Because apparently I've lost some weight in my feet as well.

6.  So, I tried to have a garage sale last week and it was a total bust. No joke in the 5 hours over 2 days I sat in my very cold garage, I had one guy show up and the only reason I think he did is because he used to live in the house and he was being nosey!

7.  We have had some major special ed hurdles this week. My son's IEP we thought did not say he had adult assistance on it, but it does! Which means they were almost in for the fight of my life (glad we didn't have to see that, whew) because he needs to be in gen ed the vast majority of his day. His IEP I think even says least restrictive environment. Anyway, today his new para-pro started and he had a pretty good day overall!! Way to go buddy!!!!!

8.  My darling daughter is halfway through the first marking period and so far, straight A's!!!!! Awesome!!!!! I can see her grades and assignments online and kept telling her test scores to her, she didn't believe me ;) Took her for her ortho appointment today. She's very funny. Orange and black rubber bands for Halloween.

9.  Poor P after the next 2 days and next week's worth of work he will have worked 20 out of 21 days and like 10 hour days!!! He is such a hard worker!!! I love him!

10.  Um, tv shows have returned and they are um, awesome!!!! Grey's, Survivor, Amazing Race, Private Practice, Once Upon A Time, Revenge.....I watch too much tv.

Night all!!

P.S.  my Pastor's wife didn't recognize me this week :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Month, New Lap Band Post

Ok, we are at a stand still.  I was going to give myself 2 weeks before I called my office and well, I made it 6 days. 

I got so frustrated on Friday with the scale I told my husband that this weekend was a free for all.  I did not go too crazy or anything but I didn't keep track and well, if I wanted to eat it, I ate it.

Some things, were not good for me and I learned more lessons.  But, something was SUPER good. 

My best friend's mom is kinda known for desserts.  And well, she's been making cake balls lately.  We all had a baby shower to attend on Sunday she was making some for and my mom ended up jumping in to help her at 8:30 pm on Friday night to get them done. 

All I can say, is German Chocolate Cake Balls are now my favorite.  Oh, my.  They were sooooo good.  Good thing I only ate one.  I went back for a second one and they were all gone.  So, I ate a chocolate chip cake ball.  I was delicious as well.

Ok, back to lap band.

I called my NP today.  My band is sore.  I'm frustrated with the scale and just generally tired.  Well, she sounded happy to talk to me at first and then she sounded a little irritated with me.  I think she really is my biggest cheerleader, but I think when I do things wrong, she gets disappointed with me.  So, the conversation went something like this......

"Ok, are you weighing yourself everyday?"

"Yes, Dr. F (psychologist) said it was ok..."

"No, you have to stop doing that."


"How many calories are you eating?"

"Like an average of 900 (I had told her this before)."

"Like above 900 or below?"

"Probably below."

"Ok, that was probably fine before you had lost all this weight, but now your metabolism has changed and your body is trying to catch up to your metabolism change and well, that's just not enough calories anymore (I tried to ask her about this last time)."

"Well, how am I supposed to get more calories in with smaller portions?"

"You need to come in and see K (nutritionist).  Can you come in tomorrow?"

So, really the quotes aren't really quotes, per se, but you get the gist of the conversation.  She also said the soreness from my band is probably from me sleeping on it and to quit laying on it.  I've lost a lot of weight in a small window of time and my body is changing and well, I really like the trajectory we were on and I get so nervous that if we don't stay on the path, we are going to stray off it.  Anyone with me!!???

Sigh.  Oh lap band.  Don't fail me now!