Thursday, October 18, 2012


1.  I haven't felt like posting because I'm at the same weight because I ate like crap for the last few days (I'm actually sitting here waiting for part of a stupid piece of pizza to make its way down not fun).

2. My birthday was this week. We had a lot of fun. Food. And togetherness. Love it.

3.  Autism stinks. My little guy was out of school for a week (yes, I missed a lot of work at my new job) and he got off schedule and when he got back, he had an awful day. Sigh. Autism stinks.

4.  My job is good. I'm glad it's an assignment. It'll give us an opportunity to see if we really need me to work once my hubby's job schedule changes (OT maybe bye bye).

5.  My daughter had two vaccines today, my son teased her relentlessly. Little does he know in 4 weeks it'll be his turn.

6.  I really hate that this weight isn't melting off like it was. I know a lot is my choices now.

7.  My boy has his tiger cub meeting tonight. We had some major work to get him ready for tonight!!! Lots to prepare for this meeting!!

8.  I'm waiting for my new phone to get here. Come on already!!!!!!

9.  I've been getting bits and pieces of spam comments on my blog, do you?

10.  Go Tigers!!!  I'm not crossing it out to say, nah......I'm crossing it out to update because they DID IT!!!!  TIGERS ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!!  Way to go guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sorry about your son's rough week. Don't stop positng because you have a bad week. I know it is hard, but sometimes putting it out there is motivating. Makes you want to change that number even more for next week so you can say... see... I did it... worked my ass off this week to change it. You can change it. :)

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!! Sounds like it was a good day!!

    Happy to see some more Tigers fans!! WOOT WOOT!!

  3. Happy belated birthday!!

    Does your son use a picture schedule at school? If so have the teacher make you one for at home. Go over it with him on Sunday nights or after a break to prepare him for the next day. This seems to help with my kids who have a rough time after the weekends or after a break.

  4. I was getting seriously spammed a couple months ago and had to disable anonymous commenting to get rid of it. Good luck!