Thursday, October 4, 2012


Ten Things Thursday, here we go.....

1.  My appointment with my nutritionist didn't go like I had hoped it would. I get a little frustrated by her and I like her at the same time.   I was there looking for real answers as to my nutrition like how to increase my calories, I got nothing.

2.  What I have gotten this week is a ton of encouragement. Between her and my NP this is what they are telling me, that usually most WLS patients have a plateau somewhere either at the 3 or 6 month mark.  I just passed my 6 month mark. They also told me that I'm doing as well as most of their gastric bypass patients and am at the point of where a lot of their bandsters are at a year. They are encouraging me to continue what I've been doing and to start exercising.

3.  I did go to the gym twice last week. Why can I not get motivated to go? I hate exercising. No, I mean I hate it. I know it will help my weight loss but I just cannot seem to wrap my brain around that yet.

4.  I'm going back to work! Yep, my office called and they have a middle term (not too short term, not too long term) assignment they'd like some help with.

5.  Know what this means?? Shopping!!! That's right!! The thing I've been putting off needs to happen now. All of my dress clothes are huge on me and I can't go to work like that. So, tomorrow I am going shopping. For new shoes too. Because apparently I've lost some weight in my feet as well.

6.  So, I tried to have a garage sale last week and it was a total bust. No joke in the 5 hours over 2 days I sat in my very cold garage, I had one guy show up and the only reason I think he did is because he used to live in the house and he was being nosey!

7.  We have had some major special ed hurdles this week. My son's IEP we thought did not say he had adult assistance on it, but it does! Which means they were almost in for the fight of my life (glad we didn't have to see that, whew) because he needs to be in gen ed the vast majority of his day. His IEP I think even says least restrictive environment. Anyway, today his new para-pro started and he had a pretty good day overall!! Way to go buddy!!!!!

8.  My darling daughter is halfway through the first marking period and so far, straight A's!!!!! Awesome!!!!! I can see her grades and assignments online and kept telling her test scores to her, she didn't believe me ;) Took her for her ortho appointment today. She's very funny. Orange and black rubber bands for Halloween.

9.  Poor P after the next 2 days and next week's worth of work he will have worked 20 out of 21 days and like 10 hour days!!! He is such a hard worker!!! I love him!

10.  Um, tv shows have returned and they are um, awesome!!!! Grey's, Survivor, Amazing Race, Private Practice, Once Upon A Time, Revenge.....I watch too much tv.

Night all!!

P.S.  my Pastor's wife didn't recognize me this week :)


  1. You will find a workout rythm. It takes consistancy. Eventually it becomes habit and you don't have to think about it. ;)

  2. I know you were probably frustrated by the nutritionist but I also know you'll keep at it. Isn't it great to hear you're doing as well as a gastric bypass patient? I always feel so validated by that, that the band really was the right choice for me and I'm making it work!