Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogging Blah!

I know I haven't been around.....sorry.


I've been in a funk about my weight loss and quite frankly when that is what your blog is supposed to be about, it's kinda hard to get on your blog and talk about it. Especially when you want to be that encouraging voice in other's ears. I do want to be honest and open so that anyone who is really wanting to understand this journey can really know what it's like, but honestly, some days, I don't feel like it.


Good news, I'm on a upswing, but it's hard work. All of you who are on this same journey know, this is hard work. Gaining weight was easy. Eat. How hard, right? I mean we all have to eat to live. But, what you do to yourself mentally after is the difficult part.....I never really thought I mental issues with food until now. Ugh. I should have known. I think I always really did kinda know deep down, but I pushed it so deep down, I pretended it wasn't there.....


So, back to the good news. I called my office because quite frankly I've been eating like crap and getting really down on myself questioning on if I needed a fill or not. I've been really not wanting another fill because I'm only a few months into this and already I'm at 6.5 out of 11 cc's and really want to have wiggle room as time goes on and not "use up" all my cc's this early.


So, I called my office and made my appointment (oops, already had one). Then I emailed my nutritionist some questions. It took 3 emails to get a straight answer.... :-/ That was FRUSTRATING. I have been in the room with her and asked her a question and she never gave me a flat out answer....kinda makes me worry about her....anyway, I've REALLY pumped up my protein intake and it seems to be working. I've figured out some numbers.


It’s been 34 weeks of weight loss for me.


Since then, I’ve lost 86 lbs.

That’s an average of 2.5 lbs a week.

I started at the beginning of March and thru May 21st (which was my surgery date) I lost 25 lbs, that’s 12 weeks roughly.

That was an average of 2.08 lbs a week.

So, there have been 34 weeks total of weight loss minus the 12 weeks prior to my surgery that means it’s only been 22 weeks since my surgery.

86 lbs total weight loss since I started back in March, 25 lbs of that was before my surgery.  86 – 25 is 61 lb. since my surgery.

So, since my surgery I’m averaging 2.77 lbs. a week.

Did you catch all that?  My NP and nutritionist both are really telling me I need to give myself a break and quit stressing out, but I ate really crappy the last few weeks and I know it’s a slippery slope.  Plus I really do have high expectations for myself.  I’d love to see that elusive 100 lb. mark before the end of the year.  Can you imagine, 100 lbs. in 9 months?  AWESOME!!  I mean I am gonna have to get on my horse (not literally) to get it done in the 2 months we have left.  14 lbs. is still 14 lbs.  I still have so much weight even after that 100 is gone.  That’s the saddest part of all. 

I am so proud though.  People are really noticing and I am getting a lot of compliments.  It’s very kind of people who are being my encouragers.  I really hope you have people in your lives who are doing that for you!

It’s FRIDAY people!  My bills are paid for the week, we have money left, now I need to figure out the menu for the week!  What is your household eating???


  1. I hear you - I feel the same way a lot of the time. I zoomed for so long and then BAM! I'm 2-3lbs from goal and just stuck there - and I'm at 7 or 8ccs in the band and still can eat a lot and and will happen in time with work. We need to go easier on ourselves don't we? You are doing so fantastic, I'm glad you got your reality check. :)

  2. Girl you are doing REALLY wel. Your weight loss is REALLY good. Try not to let it get you down. That is an amazing loss.

  3. You are doing so so well you do need to stop a smell the roses to remember that.

    What do you mean about using all your cc's too early? Is that part of your aftercare? Are you in the green zone? It's hard to compare different bandster fill levels but the further up I go the less they need to use to adjust it. My last fill they put in 0.15 ml and it has made a MAJOR difference however the first two fills I had of 2.5 mls each, I barely noticed.