Monday, October 1, 2012

New Month, New Lap Band Post

Ok, we are at a stand still.  I was going to give myself 2 weeks before I called my office and well, I made it 6 days. 

I got so frustrated on Friday with the scale I told my husband that this weekend was a free for all.  I did not go too crazy or anything but I didn't keep track and well, if I wanted to eat it, I ate it.

Some things, were not good for me and I learned more lessons.  But, something was SUPER good. 

My best friend's mom is kinda known for desserts.  And well, she's been making cake balls lately.  We all had a baby shower to attend on Sunday she was making some for and my mom ended up jumping in to help her at 8:30 pm on Friday night to get them done. 

All I can say, is German Chocolate Cake Balls are now my favorite.  Oh, my.  They were sooooo good.  Good thing I only ate one.  I went back for a second one and they were all gone.  So, I ate a chocolate chip cake ball.  I was delicious as well.

Ok, back to lap band.

I called my NP today.  My band is sore.  I'm frustrated with the scale and just generally tired.  Well, she sounded happy to talk to me at first and then she sounded a little irritated with me.  I think she really is my biggest cheerleader, but I think when I do things wrong, she gets disappointed with me.  So, the conversation went something like this......

"Ok, are you weighing yourself everyday?"

"Yes, Dr. F (psychologist) said it was ok..."

"No, you have to stop doing that."


"How many calories are you eating?"

"Like an average of 900 (I had told her this before)."

"Like above 900 or below?"

"Probably below."

"Ok, that was probably fine before you had lost all this weight, but now your metabolism has changed and your body is trying to catch up to your metabolism change and well, that's just not enough calories anymore (I tried to ask her about this last time)."

"Well, how am I supposed to get more calories in with smaller portions?"

"You need to come in and see K (nutritionist).  Can you come in tomorrow?"

So, really the quotes aren't really quotes, per se, but you get the gist of the conversation.  She also said the soreness from my band is probably from me sleeping on it and to quit laying on it.  I've lost a lot of weight in a small window of time and my body is changing and well, I really like the trajectory we were on and I get so nervous that if we don't stay on the path, we are going to stray off it.  Anyone with me!!???

Sigh.  Oh lap band.  Don't fail me now!


  1. Under 900 sounds really low as well. My nutritionist had us around 1200 even during the losing phase!

  2. I've NEVER been able to keep my calories at 900. Ever. I hope the nutritionist can help you out. :)