Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick Post with Pics

Here's a post with pics from our adventure on Sunday!  Maybe I'll do a TTT later ;)

Here's the whole family on the hay ride freezing (HATING my double chin, but trying to be a better mom and actually take pics of me so my kids have some of me later in life!!)!

Don't they look like they are in a line up?  Poor M!  We didn't realize it but her coat zipper had broken last year and she needed a zipper, so she wore a jacket of mine that is MUCH to big on me now, much less her!!  She's swimming in it!

L pretended the tall grass in the apple orchard was an anemone, like from Finding Nemo.

Beautiful girl who's growing up before our very eyes!

Just us :)  I love this man!!  Hate my double chin, but love this man!!!

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  1. Brrrrr. Looks cold!! lol. And I am glad you are trying to capture the photos with your kids (dreaded double chin and all) because my mom cropped herself out of the majority of my childhood. I would have liked to have more photos with her... fat, thin, purple... don't care.