Thursday, August 8, 2013


Good morning everyone!!

1.  Well, I think I need to officially change my weigh in day from Thursday to Friday because my weigh in time is 9 am (I know random but it feels like my lowest time of the morning before I can't stand not having anything to eat anymore). And I'm going back to work the day after Labor Day and my only day off during the week will be Fridays. So, the change. 

2.  Today's weigh in. Well, a 0.2 lb gain. Considering my weekend and yesterday, this is not bad. I weighed myself earlier in the week and let's just say I really worked my butt off this week and its a shame because had this been a normal week I would have seen a great loss. But since tomorrow is now my official weigh in day, there's still hope?!?!!

3.  New coffee fave, butter toffee with a half of a chocolate protein shake (skim milk and half of a scoop of chocolate protein powder already mixed together and used as creamer). Oh, I also use Splenda (or whatever Kroger or Walmart brand I bought). It took me awhile to get used to using Splenda vs sugar but its worth the no calories. 

4. Band still a little tight until early evening but I'm not overly concerned. The evening I'm not tight at all. So, I definitely don't think I'm in an overfill situation. I just told my husband as these last 19 lbs or so (really 20 I guess :-/) come off I will likely need an adjustment because I'm guessing the band will loosen up much like a belt would. 

5. I mentioned I'm going back to work the day after Labor Day. This comes with a challenge for me besides the obvious mom back to work, kids back to school, etc. I've lost 10 lbs so far this summer, hoping it'll be at least 15 by summer's end. So, my dress clothes don't fit. And well, when you don't work, you don't make money. You see where I'm going. 

6. Speaking of money, I get to spend some next week on my girl!! She turns 13 (GASP!!) on the 22nd but we are having her party on the 16th. Well, the first party (she's spoiled and will be having a few) with her friends. It's a nail salon party where the young ladies get to pick a mani or pedi and then they are getting a make up lesson from an esthetician. During this there will be a dessert and snack table set up with a pink and zebra theme available to them. Lunch of pizza will be followed complete with TARDIS and red bow tie cupcakes.  I bought goodie bags. Do 13 year olds still get goodie bags? It'll have a mani set in there (cuticle pusher thingy, nail clippers, nail file, etc), a pedi toe separator, a bottle of nail polish and a roll of zebra print duct tape. 

7. Tried running this week twice. Didn't get too far. I'm not very fast. I hate running. My hubby says I'll get better. I'll believe it when I see it. Did I mention I hate running? I just can't find a workout I like. Oh and by the way, last night just proves my point, tummy tuck. TOTALLY NECESSARY. Just gonna leave it at that. 

8. I've lost, as of today, 126.2. That's a ridiculous amount of weight. Yea I know you are probably doing the math, sigh, but I'm getting there. 

9. Does anyone besides Chelle and I care there is a new Doctor?????? I think he might be kinda cool. He's much older than Matt Smith, but I'm thinking he might have something up his sleeve. 

10. Got my hair trimmed this week and my eyebrows waxed. Ahhhh. 

Oh. Here's a couple of pics. One of my sweet boy on Sunday after church and one of me at our small group picnic. 


  1. Great job on your overall loss! I'm at the verrry beginning of my journey (I have my barium swallow GI thing) tomorrow morning before I can schedule my surgery, but you are such an inspiration!

    1. Congrats on your journey and welcome! It is a journey. Lots of highs and lows but one of the best decisions I've ever made!!