Wednesday, August 21, 2013


1.  First and foremost, I officially have a teenager in my home. My daughter turns 13 today. 

2. Last week she took 9 of her girlfriends to a spa/salon and they all had either manis or pedis (she had both).  We had a treat/candy table set up

3. Then we went for Chicago pizza complete with TARDIS and bow tie cupcakes for my little Whovian. 

4. Weight loss. Last Friday I was up. My weight was 189.6. 

5. I had a surgical consultation this week.

6. I'm having surgery next week. More to follow in that.

7. We had VBS (vacation Bible school) this week. It was a success. My ASD son had his moments but all in all successful. 

8. I have to also go have my fluid removed (again) for this surgery. 

9. It's time for my abdominoplasty! Can you believe it?!?!!  Ugh. So needed. 

10. Here are some pics from my girl's day last week:

Edited to add: probably destroying this week's hard work with popcorn at the movies and froyo tonight for my girl's bday. Sigh. 

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  1. Wooohoooo...good luck with your tummy tuck. Make sure you take lots of before pictures.