Saturday, August 10, 2013

Still Learning Lessons

I had my surgery in May of 2012.  That means this month my band is 15 months old.  I am STILL learning. 

The biggest thing I am learning.....QUIT WEIGHING MYSELF!!!  I'll only get disappointed!!!  YIKES! 

Ok, so what did I tell you all, Fridays are my weigh in day, right?  So, what did I do?  That's right, weighed myself today.  Bad idea.  Some how I managed to gain some weight.  Back to 190.2....sigh.  Could be water...could be that s'more I had with the kids last night (even though I counted every last calorie and fat gram I ate!!). 

So, what am I learning?  Only weigh myself once a week.  It will be my weight for the week.  It is the lowest you are going to be.  Your weight ebbs and flows like the ocean.  It will go up and down all week.  You are being counterproductive to yourself by weighing yourself EVERY day and only hurting yourself (especially at this stage of my weight loss) by looking at the scale.

So, my new challenge.....only Fridays.  Unless I am at the doctors and well, then it's just plain unavoidable.

So, what are you still learning post-op?

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