Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Bandiversary To Me!!

Today's the big day!!

Today is my one year bandiversary!! It marks a major milestone for me. 

I was just re-reading last year's post where we had to get up and get going that day day. I had forgotten we got into an argument in the lobby of the hospital. Funny!!

For me it's been exciting. It's been challenging. It's been difficult. It's been amazing. It's been an eye opener. It's been a struggle. It's been the best thing I could have done for myself and yes I would do it again in a heart beat!!!

I will tell you some of the rough patches for me this year have been logging my foods when I don't feel like it. Pushing through plateaus when I normally would have given up. And learning my band. Taking the time to really listening to what my band is saying (like I don't want more food!!!) then life does become better. 

You also throw in a major surgery with an almost complete unfill for a month in this year and I just am still amazed at how great this year has been. 

I don't usually share my beginning weight because I am so very ashamed of it. But I will often tell people how much I've lost to date. Also, keep in mind I'm going from my highest weight at the clinic and I lost 25 lbs before surgery. 

This morning 115.8 :)  So since my surgery a year ago I've lost 90.8 lbs. 

I'm so grateful. So very, very grateful. I have an awesome support system. I have a God who loves me and I (and you too) can talk to at anytime. I have a great clinic. 

Now onto the next phase. Get these few last lbs off (they are going to be the most difficult) and start scheduling skin removal surgeries. 

Oh yes, this girl right here is having some work done!!!

Thanks to all my blogging friends!! I hope we get to meet in real life one day!!



  1. Happy bandiversary!!! You have done awesome!!!!!!!!

  2. Happy bandiversary to youuuuuuu! Hard to believe how much can change in a year, right?

    Onwards and upwards - and yes, allons-y!!! xoxox

  3. Happy Bandiversary! Your progress is AH-MAZING!!!

  4. Happy Bandiversary! Your hard work and commitment has certainly paid off!! :-)

    I have mixed feelings about your shame about your weight before. On the one hand, of course I understand - anyone who has been overweight understands - in fact I've sat in therapy with bulimics and anorexics who are paralyzingly ashamed of their bodies despite being normal weight or underweight. There is so much focus in our world on shaming people for not looking a certain way; unlike other areas we might want to work on in ourselves, weight is something we can't easily hide. So it becomes easy to be judged by society for it, and that adds a lot more shame. HOWEVER ;-D I hope in another part of your mind you know there is NOTHING to be ashamed of. Every person has things in their life to work on, again, it is just a matter that some are more visible than others. Working on those things is what gives us compassion, depth and character - and wow, you sure have worked on this area - again - a very visible journey. I'm not saying you shouldn't have every right to keep information private when it protects you to do it, I just hope YOU in your heart, don't judge yourself more harshly than you would anyone else. xo