Thursday, July 18, 2013


Ten things Thursday. Are ya ready??

1. I know I've lost some weight this week. But I've jumped on the scale before my designated time. So, I don't want to tell you how much until then. So I will edit later to add the total loss!! Btw, FINALLY!!

EDITED TO ADD: my total loss is now at 122.2!!!!!

2. My hubby has been doing really well too. He's lost almost 30 lbs. He changed his diet a little, cut out pop and recently starting working out at his company's gym. I'm really proud of him. 

3. The kids and I have been out this week to meet friends to swim. They are so happy when they are swimming. And with friends. It's been a nice week. 

4. My husband is on day 11 of a 12 straight work period. In a very hot plant working 11 hours with about (roughly) a 45 min drive in but at least an hour drive home everyday. Bless his heart. 

5. I tell you what, I was getting super frustrated that I wasn't losing any weight, so it's nice to see a loss this week!!! But, I'm having issues with my hair. It's falling out BIG time. More than it ever has. I told my hubby it did when I was losing a lot maybe it was a sign I was on a losing streak again (he hid the scale - which I asked him to do - so I could only weigh myself once a week). Then I remembered I haven't been taking my bariatric vitamins because I ran out. I've been sharing vitamins with my son. So, who knows. I need to get my own this week end. 

6. My daughter's 13th birthday is coming up so we are in the process of beginning to make plans. 

7. I'm also in charge of planning a road rally the next day. 

8. I'm so enjoying my summer as a SAHM. 

9. Finally got my hubby to drink 1.5 protein shakes a day. I wasn't drinking my strawberry flavor I bought. So instead of throwing it out he volunteered to drink it. Which is cool in lots of ways. It's helping him eat way earlier than he was and getting way more protein :)

10. Because of previously mentioned protein shakes being consumed in our household, we now own 4 blender bottles. 

Here are a few pics :)

At the market where we buy our fruits and veggies, they had mini apples. 

Family game night!! Trouble!!! L beat us all. 

I get more pics of him sleeping....


  1. I love seeing such upbeat reports from you. Hooray! I also love seeing such fun pics. :)

  2. 122???? You have lost a whole adult person! I love that you have family game night...I miss those kinda things with my kids :)

  3. I'm glad the scale is moving in the right direction. Great pics!

  4. Nice loss! My oldest will be a teenager this year too! Fun!

  5. You are rockin that weight loss girlfriend!