Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finally Feel Like Blogging

Well I did it!!! I had my tummy tuck on August 30th! And yes, you can tremendously tell a major difference. But, I have a lot of swelling still. So, I probably won't really see results until at least 6 months. Some say up to a year!!

How did it go?!?!  Well, I'm gonna give TMI info here so if you aren't ready to read then don't!!!!

I have bulging discs and the 23 hr stay beds they keep in you in over night are not conducive to those. So, I could NOT see any abdomen pain through my back pain. It was AWFUL. And it stayed that way until I spoke with our office's medical assistant on Sunday. She spoke with the doctor and a muscle relaxer has saved the day. 

Ok, TMI #2. I have some bowel issues. Specifically a fissure. Add in constipation from pain meds and we have some SERIOUS issues. SERIOUS issues. Please pray. 

TMI #3, belly button and fat necrosis. I have some issues that will need some minor procedures to correct and make look really good. 

So, with all that honesty. Would I do it again? Probably. I don't have fat hanging way down like I did. She even got some of my love handle stuff :)

My weigh in the other morning was 176. That is a total loss of 140 lbs. My previous goal was to weigh 140-145. I think I'd be happy at 155-158. 


  1. So glad to see a blog from you and to hear you are ok! Take it easy!

  2. I have been thinking about you and just haven't been on a "real" computer to send you my thoughts. Glad you shared TMI - I would love to get even more once you are feeling better and I am definitely sending you good energy for healing and happiness!