Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pros and Cons and Other Things

There are pros and cons to being a SAHM (stay-at-home mom).  I hardly EVER set my alarm during the summer.....it's pretty awesome!  And my kids, well, they sleep pretty well.  Cannot complain a lick about that.  We can pretty much go about our day doing whatever we like with nowhere we "have" to be most days.  I can make appointments without keeping work in mind, which means I don't have to fight to get that first or last appointment of the day (we all know how annoying that is). 

When you have a child with special needs, it becomes even more special to be a SAHM because there are so many things that a special needs kid requires.  I'm not even talking about the Autism here.  Just the food allergies.  Let's take for instance the epi-pen situation.  Remember this post where my son threw his epi-pens in the pool?  Well, need less to say, I really wanted to replace them (to be honest, we needed to replace them soon enough and get some for school anyway).  So, here's where being a SAHM helps.  It's a pain in the butt to have a kid with a food allergy.  Honest.  Not only do you deal with what they eat day to day or when you go somewhere constantly checking labels, asking waitresses (who are sometimes not helpful AT ALL), but you have to remember to always, ALWAYS bring epi-pens and benedryl everywhere you go.  So, when the "incident" happened we cleaned those suckers good and as soon as I could, I replaced them.  But, I just didn't replace them, no I replaced the ones at my parents, my in-laws, the school and the bus route.  That's right folks, I got a script for....10 epi-pens.  Sounds like a lot huh???  BUT......now when my kid goes to my parents, my in-laws, school or the bus, I don't have to take mine with me!!!  AND, the insurance paid for it all as 1 script!!  $12 for 10 epi-pens!!!  But, I had to go to the allergist to get paperwork for school signed, have the pharmacy fill them, then the pharmacy lost the package (how do you lose 5 packs of epi-pens?) and now I have to go through the school district security and safety to give the proper forms so that if his meds are needed that they can give them.  Whew!!!  If I was working, how would I get all this done??????

So, today as I reflected on that, I was very thankful that I'm home.  I've been both.  I've worked and I've been home.  Soon enough I may be working again.  I work a weird job that calls me in for temp projects here and there when they need me, so it works for our family.  Sometimes our bank account makes me sad that I stay home and then we have days like this and I'm thankful.  For our family, this works.  Not every family, but for ours, it does.

For those of you who juggle all this and work full/part time, I give you props!  You are super women in my book!!  Your kids are lucky to have moms like you!!!  Don't ever discount who you are and the kind of mom you are!!!  We moms are too hard on ourselves. 

Ok, on to band stuff.  I saw my very awesome NP today.  Got a teeny, tiny fill today.  0.5 cc.  So, I'm at 4.5 cc in my 11 cc band.  She wants to see me next week possibly if my restriction isn't good for the rest of the week.  Next Tuesday is my last day in the 90 day global period following my surgery and if I need one more fill (for free) she will come in on her day off to do it (I told you she was awesome).  On full liquids today and softs tomorrow.

Down a total of 61 in the office!  10.4 BMI points down since starting back in early March.

Oh and I have a new blog friend I'm very excited about!!!  JS is so funny and it took me a few nights of starting from the beginning, but I read her entire blog here!  Check her out if you haven't read it!!


  1. Congrats on the 61lbs and the BMI drop!

    The SAHM vs. WOHM thing is so tricky. I have been both and enjoyed both! I think it's just up to what works for you and YOUR family, not anyone else. Sounds like it's working just fine for you!

  2. Thanks for the shoutout!!! Your email seriously made my day!!

    61 lbs is FANTASTIC!!!! You are kicking butt!

    you know, I'm always torn on the SAHM vs. Working Mom.. as a working mom, I am always thinking that SAHM's have the much harder job!! I have someone that takes care of my munchkin every day but as a SAHM, you are always "on"... with very little breaks and I think that would make me so tired!! On the other hand, I hate that I have to drop off Mac at 7;30 every morning and then pick him up at 5:30 which means he is with someone else for 10 hours a day.. and then we do the things we need to do! I just have to take sick or vacation time if there are things that need to be done within working hours..

    Oh the epi-pen! My boss is pretty much allergic to everything but air so we have hidden epi-pens EVERYWHERE in case something happens!

    Sorry to write a blog in your comments, just wanted to thank you for making my day!!

  3. Every mother has something she feels slightly guilty about - not contributing to the "finances," not being able to volunteer at the school because she has to work, etc. That's why the mommy wars are so stupid. We're all good moms, regardless of whether or not we work (ok...not ALL moms are good moms but the fact that we feel guilty about this silly stuff means we're the good ones. lol). we're just different. :)