Thursday, August 23, 2012


Here we go :)

1.  I think I'm going to end up having a love/hate relationship with the weeks I have fills on. On the love side, I've lost 2 lbs. since Monday. On the hate side, I've forgotten what REAL restriction felt like and let's just say dinner and my snack last night were no fun AND a good reminder that my band does exist.

2.  My girl's b-day was yesterday but we did NOTHING. Poor kid. Kinda stinks when your b-day is smack dab in the middle of the week. But, alas, this weekend shall be fun!!!!!!!

3.  Our church does a pinewood derby for all the kids kindergarten thru fifth grade. How fun is that??!? It's super techy too!! Lots of camera angles and tvs set up for the audience aka the parents to watch. Well, we didn't know this last year because it was our first year (we had been going to our previous church my ENTIRE life, so big change). Poor L. His little car sometimes didn't make it down the track. So, this year his dad is really helping him out. Last night started the build nights!!  I will keep you updated ;)

4.  Sigh. L's previous school forgot a portion on his IEP (individualized education plan) to include his AI (autism impairment) program - um, kinda a big deal and the whole reason he's going to that particular school. So, we had to get up early (well, early for the summer) for me to go and sign it. That way the school will get pay for services given to him.

5.  L goes next week to his meet and greet. There we have 2 classrooms and 2 teachers to meet (and greet :).  His gen ed teacher and his ASD (autism spectrum disorder) teacher. This school is pretty cool, it's like every other elementary, but they have a special ASD program right in the building. That way he can be in a general education first grade class with neurotypical kids (in a regular class with kids that don't particularly have special needs) and when he needs special attention or breaks he has a ASD sensitive room to go to with people who are specifically trained to help him!!!

6.  M registered for 7th grade this week. Her locker is in the exact same spot in a different hall. The second from the end. Which is good for my forgetful girl. I'm thankful to God for those little things. Now she won't get lost in a sea of lockers :). First term she all the regular classes, math, social studies, science, language arts, phys ed, home room but she also has life skills. Things like babysitting and cooking. It'll be good for her. Next term instead of life skills she'll have speech and drama :)

7.  My poor mom!! She had hand/wrist surgery last week she's still recovering from, now she's trying to pass her first kidney stone. I hear they're pretty painful. I saw a brief glimpse of her pain on Tuesday and I so know she was feeling pretty bad. I hope she gets through this quick.

8.  Figured out that it's just my strawberry protein shakes clumping up on me and a solution. Put it together, shake it up, put in fridge for a bit, shake again and then drink.

9.  I'm wearing a shirt today that was one of my smaller shirts when I started losing weight. I noticed today it's started to get big on me too.

10. I am not looking forward to putting together school supplies. I have M's list, but L's list I'm sure I won't be getting until next week. Also, we still have no bus info. Come on people, school will be here before you know it!!!


  1. Sounds like a whirlwind of activity! The beginning of school always paperwork!

    Congrats on fitting in the smaller shirt!!!

  2. As a teacher, I am jealous of all these school districts that go back in late August or early Sept.

    Over half my kiddos are some where within the Autism all of them!

  3. Thanks Chelle :)

    Barbie - if it makes you feel a bit better my kids don't get out until the middle of June :(. Are you ASD certified?