Monday, August 13, 2012

Holding Steady......

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Mine started off lovely!! My daughter had her middle school small group with her youth group on Friday night (it's 2 1/2 hours of hanging out with youth group members her age and leaders that love middle schoolers, they have Bible study, games and food! What's not to love??!?). Sooooo, I met other moms at a Panera near by so that we could hang out while we waited for the kids to be done.

Lap Band Lesson Number, hmmmm, what number shall I call this one #8: If you order, let's say a cookie from Panera because well let's face it, you've done awesome in counting calories/fat/protein and you had wiggle room for dessert today, and well, it's rather large. While eating it you get full, you stop eating (BIG moment...pat on your back), but then 20 minutes later you finish the cookie.......NOT A GOOD IDEA. I had a "little kid who ate too much sugar" belly ache all night. 

I'm also pretty good at not drinking 30 minutes before or after a meal.  I get weird looks at restaurants when I don't order anything to drink. I will occasionally have a sip if something is spicy. But, I will drink with a snack because I figure the point of a meal is to fill you up, thus the need not to push the food thru. It makes sense in my brain........

Also on Friday we had tons of rain, that came with two little leaks in our house.  Sigh. So, on Saturday P's dad came over to help get a good look at the roof and good news it'll probably need replacing at some point in the next few years but not like tomorrow. He put some tar on a couple places and off we went to dinner. 

Sunday we went to church and went over to friend's of our family, very, very good friends. They were having a fundraiser for the Alzheimer's walk they are going to be doing. A pulled pork BBQ. It was good. My parents and aunt and uncle bought a left over pork butt from them so we had again for dinner. I counted everything that went into my mouth yesterday (with exception of the BBQ sauce because it's homemade too). It was so good!!!  We drove L over to his new school so he could see where he will be going to 1st grade.  He likes they have a dragon on top of their door (apparently it's their mascot) and he got to play on the playground for a bit.  Then we hung out at home!! It was such a nice day out we opened windows and aired out the house!!!  Ahhhhhh.....

Today I am back to the dentist (again) for the next round to getting this tooth fixed. Now it's stage 2, crown/filling/cap....whatever.  And tonight I have my mandatory 3 month group session with the psychologist at the bariatric clinic. I forget which session this one is. Last time, I was the only person that showed up.

I have lost another 1.8 since my last post on Friday and I'm holding steady to that weight loss.  Down a total of 61.6.  That is from my highest at the clinic to now (includes my pre-op loss).  I think I started losing some weight at the beginning of March to show some good faith to the insurance company that I could do this, so I would say about 22 weeks now!!  Woo hoo!!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I usually just say "water for me" at restaurants because people always want to argue with me when I say "nothing to drink." It's sort of a pet peeve actually, if I say nothing you don't need to say "are you sure??" Sigh.

    Sounds like a great weekend, cookie and all! :)

  2. I always order water when we go out. I am not good about following the 30 minutes before rule. I drink right uo until I eat, but I never drink right after I have eaten (it makes me sick).

    Yuck on having to go to the's one of my biggest fears.

  3. Mark me with the water club. I drink it right up until the food comes and then usually not another sip until just before leave.

    Great losses!