Friday, August 24, 2012

My Blog Buddies are So Smart :)

Yes, they are :)

Have you met adorkbly delish or Lapping the Band?

Well, both left comments for me on my last post about how maybe it's not that I maybe need an unfill, but that I ate too much and what I ate.

Guess what?  My NP said the EXACT same thing!!  So, after talking with her (and almost crying in the clinic), she had me go have lunch and call her an hour later.  If I was still feeling crappy, I was supposed to call her.  This weekend I'm supposed to eat normally, if I start feeling like crap, go to full liquids and call her on Monday.

But, I think she's right.  My portion sizes need to go WAY down.  Duh.  And I have not had any issues with any stuck foods at all (except potatoes...which were fine the other day, but the way....before the fill) except now that may not be the case anymore. 

I need to be eating only like a 1/4 cup and kielbasa, well, I guess it's pretty fiberous, so yeah, might be a stuck food.

I am concerned still about not getting enough calories or protein.  She said right now I just want you to focus on eating a well balanced meals and we will worry about the numbers later.  I think she knows I'm just trying to wrap my head around the whole thing and I need to take it only one step at a time.  Get the portion thing down first, THEN worry about the numbers later.

I lost more weight.  I'm down 68.2. 

So, please be patient with me while I'm figuring this out.  I'm still new at this too :)

Feels like I'm starting all over again...........


  1. Just take it slow this weekend. Your band will be irritated after episodes like that too.

    Chew chew chew. ;)

    If you are worried about protein, drink a shake in the morning. It works for me. 30 grams first thing in the morning.

    Sounds like your NP takes the time to listen and figure it out with you. That is great!! Filling and unfilling can become a vicious cycle.

    I hope this weekend goes well for you. It takes the brain a while to catch up sometimes.

  2. Yep, I drink a shake every morning w/fat free milk. 34 g of protein :) That's one of the reasons I think she's put the numbers in the back burner for now.

  3. I'm so glad you got to talk to your NP! Adorkbl is right about the band being irritated.

    I start my day with a Quest protein bar, so I'm getting 20 grams right off the bat. Between about 21 grams of chicken at lunch and 17 grams of greek yogurt I get most of my protein in before dinner. It can be done!

    You're doing great!!!

  4. I'm curious as to how the weekend went. I think perhaps you were eating too much and too fast. I agree with your NP (of course) that focus on getting good food in and THEN worry about your numbers. Just wondering if things held up.