Thursday, August 23, 2012

Too good to be true....

Well, I need an unfill. Yep, there's too much in my band. I was sooooooo miserable at dinner tonight it wasn't even funny.

I got through lunch just fine. It took me a little longer to eat, but it's supposed to and I thought ok, this is good. I had 2 oz. of shrimp and 2 oz. of watermelon and a light string cheese. So all in all almost 5 oz. worth of food.

At dinner my family had hot dogs, I had a Hillshire Farm Turkey Polska Kielbasa. It has like 100 calories, 4.5g of fat and 10g of protein, pretty good. Tastes pretty good too. About halfway through I should have stopped eating. I should have known better, but did I listen to my band? Nope! Even took a few bites of the squash I had on the side.

Bad idea.  Because I spent the next hour to hour and a half miserable. Saying things like stupid band. Like its my band's fault. Sigh.

I also have had, what I'm guessing is one of my mini-migraines (haven't had one in a while), going on my 3rd day now.

Ok I'm done complaining. Sorry to vent. Carry on.


  1. Do you think you need an unfill or should you have stopped eating?

    I feel like a freak really...I have 6.5ccs in my 11cc band and I still don't really have a lot of "restriction" least, I very rarely feel the "this isn't going down" feeling and I've never PB'ed (knock on wood!) I'm really curious how you know where to draw the line!

  2. No, I definitely think I need an unfill. I ate MAYBE 2 oz. of protein and was MISERABLE. It's not supposed to be that way. I'll never make it through my day to get enough calories or protein if I can't eat.

    The only reason I should have stopped was because of the uncomfortable. My portion size was good, the restriction is too much I think for this early in the game. Later on, probably not, but for now it is.

    Chelle, I appreciate you being my blogging buddy :)

  3. It is pretty recent since your fill. Shrimp and sausage are not entirely band friendly. At least for me they aren't. Maybe give the band a break with some more friendly foods?

    Ultimately you need to be comfortable with your restriction level... so if you feel it isn't right... then an unfill sounds like a good plan.