Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here's the Problem with Not Blogging Everyday...

You end up with too much to say!!!!

We had an awesome weekend!  My hubby and I celebrated 15 years last week and because of that my awesome parents kept our kids Saturday during the day and night!! 

We had lunch together at a really tasty Mexican restaurant.  We split the food and I really tried to listen to my band so that I didn't over eat (I knew much more food was in the cards for the day!).  After that we headed into the city to visit the art museum.  It was Salvador Dali weekend.  So, if you had a mustache, you got in free!  We didn't know this going in, but my husband got in free, I didn't.  It was cute, a lot of girls had fake mustaches, or drawn in mustaches all over the museum.  We spent about an hour and a half walking around.  I really enjoyed seeing some of Matisse's work and was just trying to figure out what was going on in Picasso's brain from one decade to another.  After that, we headed over to the ballpark where we passed by an old neighbor of mine.  I grew up across the street from him.  He retired from his job and then became a cop in the city and has been for 10 years!  I just happen to walk past him as he was getting out of his police car.  We stood in line for a while waiting to get in and then walked around the park for a while.  It was so stinkin' hot.  I got an orange Icee.

Let me stop right here.  Ok, here's something no one tells you.  I'm going to tell you in case you don't know or if you are stopping by to research weight loss surgery.  My friend and I were talking the other day about Icees/Slurpees, etc. and she made mention that they have carbonation in them.  I thought she maybe just meant like the Coke/Pepsi/Mt. Dew ones.  Nope.  All of them do.  So, after 3/4 of the orange Icee I started feeling full and kinda slimy.  So, passed the drink over to hubby and just waited for it to pass.  So no more Icees/Slurpees for me.  Sigh. 

Ok, moving on.  I did have some popcorn while at the park and since we didn't have L with us we had a few cinnamon roasted almonds.  We shared a hot dog, because you have to have a hot dog at the park right???

What I haven't mentioned is the torrential downpour that happened during the game!!!!!!!!!  Oh my goodness!!  Did we get soaked!!  Just try moving 40,000 people out of their seats to a place where 40,000 people don't fit.  It was claustrophobic to say the least.  The rain passed, the tarp came off the field and the game started back up and we won!  Awesome fireworks after and we came home.  Stopped for a late night snack (yes, I told you this was way different than what I have been doing), couldn't wait to get into some dry clothes!  The carpi's I wore to the game are too big.  Add the fact in that they weighed a ton more because they are wet and they kept slipping down.  Fun times!

All in all, my portion sizes weren't bad, my choices weren't great, but the scale moved a bit up, but not too awfully much.

Speaking of scales, mine stinks.  I can get on and off of it 4 different times within 1 minute in the morning and it will tell me 4 different weights and it can range like 1-2 lbs.  So, I think it's time for a new scale.

Obviously my blog is looking a little different, I was having some issues this morning....long story.

How was your weekend????????

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  1. My old scales were like that and could change anything up to 5 lbs by the time I bought new. I was the best thing I could have done. I bought a giant set but the give me the exact same reading every single time even if I move them, stand on one leg, get on backwards, weigh myself, someone else and then me again. I now trust them implicitly. I don't always like them but I know they speak the truth.