Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Interesting visit today

I told you my NP ROCKED!!  She suggested last week that if my fill wasn't enough, that she could come in on her day off and do another one today.  So, that's just what we did. 

Except, it was the most interesting fill ever.  She said she's only done a fill like this one other time to one other patient. 

You see my insurance is pretty good.  Covered the ENTIRE surgery.  But, it's wonky where office visits are concerned and that's where my problem is, that money will start adding up, as my pre-op appointments already did.  The fills themselves are covered, but the office visit isn't.  And yeah, those start to add up.  So, since today was last day in the 90-day free global period after my surgery, she came in to do my fill and visit so that I could get it for free.  Isn't she the BEST??!!!

So, she came in with her cute army green Michael Kors t-shirt and her little man in tow (her son) to do my fill.  My kids where easily entertained by bringing handheld games with them (I don't like bringing them to my doctors appointments and for them to sit there and watch me have something done to me).

She found my port much easier today than last week and put the needle in, once she did that she sat me up and had me start drinking.  While I drank water she filled the band.  Once I got to the point where I "gurgled" backed up she backed off, had me take another drink, when it wouldn't go down she took some out and had me take another sip, it went down and I was done.

Homemade fluoroscopy :)  Again I say, isn't she the BEST??!!!

This morning when I got on the scale, I saw a new number.  I'm down another pound.  So a total of 65.  I have 6.5 cc's in my 11 cc band and was warned that I will have restriction again that I haven't felt in awhile!

Here is my new anxiety for today.....if I already have over half my band filled 3 months out and not quite half my weight gone yet (please don't do the math here since I don't really "share" my numbers yet), is it going to be a problem going forward???  I sure hope not.

I will say today is another full liquid day (woo hoo).  Actually, I don't think I mind today because I had some organic creamy broccoli soup from Kroger, which by the way, I wish I would have had before and after my surgery.....no straining involved!  And a little yogurt, so like a 1/2 cup of soup and 1/3 of a Yoplait and I'm pretty much done.  Wonder if I'll be able to get my water in today.....

Well, we go this afternoon to register our 7th grader and tomorrow is the BIG day, a 12 year old in the house.  Her mouth is still REALLY sore from her orthodontic appointment yesterday.  I've been trying to help her stay on top of the pain with Motrin and softer foods. 

Have a good day everyone!! 


  1. sounds like an awesome fill!! That is a great level to get at just a few months out of surgery. Yay!

  2. Great fill! I wouldn't worry about the number. I think they were just more aggressive with your fills because of the insurance stuff. I haven't had a fill since December...and I only had 5 my first year. Everyone's different in how they handle it. :)