Friday, August 10, 2012

I Didn't Do A Ten Thing Post Yesterday, So How About Today Instead?

1.  I don't know what the deal is, but it is really rainy and yucky here! Cool and thunder storming!!! It's August, it's not time yet!! We had 80 degree weather in March (which is VERY unusual temps for where we are) when my daughter went to 6th grade camp, so I'm thinking there might be something to this global warming thing after all.

2. P and I were neglectful aunt and uncle this summer and hadn't made it to our nephew's baseball games. So, when we heard last night was the last one, we high tailed it over to nephew E's game first. Sat in the rain.  Between the games, P decided to change clothes.  Oh, you mean to the pants and hoodie that I mentioned BEFORE we left the first time? After that we went to nephew I's game (both my nephew's names start with vowels). We came home to relieve the babysitter.  Normally, if it wasn't raining, I probably would've dragged the kids out, but I know L would have been miserable. I'm glad I know his limitations and he was happy at home with her. M is your typical tween, can I take my iPod, I'm bored, when are we leaving, you get the picture, so left her at home with the babysitter too! Nice little quiet, cold, wet afternoon giving some attention to the nephews.

3. Followed my diet better yesterday and..........woo hoo!!!!! Dropped 1.6 between yesterday and today.  Not sure why such a big drop, but I'll take it!!!  Just gotta keep up because I am loving when I see these lbs come off!

4.  Have my last "global period" appt next week.  My office doesn't charge for services within 90 days of your surgery. So, I am going in Tuesday. I'm guessing this time for a fill. I'm really feeling good about really understanding this band already and am getting hungrier at night and my portions can get bigger, so it's time. Right now I have 4 cc's in my 11 cc band.

5.  Slowly need to start purchasing clothes, but I kinda want to hold off too. I think I'm skipping one whole size, but 2 sizes down are still a bit snug. My friend gave me a whole bag of clothes a size smaller than that, so when I really get down, I will have some clothes there.

6.  Having problems with the patience thing and weight loss lately. I know in my head how well I've done. I'm .2 away from 60 lbs in like 21 weeks (since I started losing the weight back at the beginning of March, roughly). That's almost 3 lbs a week!! I just want to weight loss to continue this way, and I get nervous it won't. Ever feel like that?

7.  Started back to school shopping for my kids.  Old Navy had some deals on jeans for L. Can't go wrong with $10 a pair. M is when it gets expensive! She's decided that she wants the preppy look this year. We happened by the Polo outlet and got an amazing deal on jeans for her in there.  Best part of all, the length doesn't need to be altered!!!!!

8.  Have to make well kid visit appointment for M. Her birthday is coming up before school. She also has another orthodontist appointment where we are moving on to the next stage (hopefully, it's been a year already). I'm very thankful for really good dental insurance!!!!!!!!

9.  My best friend and her family is having a fundraiser this weekend to honor their grandmother.  This family is really important to me. She has Alzheimer's and they are raising money for awareness and research. Her dad makes awesome Southern pulled pork and BBQ sauce. Yum! So, guess what I'll be eating on Sunday????

10.  Trying to plan M's birthday and am exhausted just thinking about it. We are doing something a little more low key this year because last year we surprised her by picking up all of her friends and then showing up at the house with her friends to go on a secret agent day. We saw Spy Kids, had HUGE pizza and went to a cupcake bakery. We also had awesome themed goodie bags where everything in the bad was mystery flavored.

What's on your agenda for the day?

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  1. Holy cow the spy party sounds awesome!!!

    I love buying new clothes now, so what I do is go to the thrift store (we have an awesome one nearby with a TON of clothes) and go nuts. Makes me feel great!

    Have a great weekend! :)