Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ten Thing Thursday (TTT)

1.  We've been hanging around the house the last few days watching way too much tv and playing way too much video games.  The first day was by choice the yesterday and today, well because my boy has a random fever for no reason.  Yesterday he would hardly eat.  Today he seems to have gotten his appetite back.

2.  Had my fill on Tuesday and my restriction level so far (been on full liquid and softs since) hasn't seem to change.  Guess today will tell me.

3.  By being on full liquids and softs I've lost some weight!!!  I'm down 64.2 total now.  I'll take it!!!

4.  I had a group psychology appointment on Monday night, except for the second time in a row, I'm the only one that has shown up.  My psychologist raved about how much she likes Silk Light Vanilla in her protein shakes because it gives it more of a shake consistency.  So, I went right after and picked some up.  Um, YUCK!!!!  Drank one protein shake with it and threw the rest of it down the drain.  YUCKY!!!!! 

5.  Made a ricotta bake from a blog I found online for my lunch yesterday.  It was pretty good.  Except I forgot to spray my bowl I baked it in with Pam, so now I'm going to have a hard time cleaning it up!!  Hate that!  And I would suggest 350 instead of 450, the mozzarella cheese got too cooked for my liking.  But yummy still.

6.  Making some plans today for my darling daughter's birthday.  Now that we know what my husband's schedule is going to be, it helps!

7.  Speaking of my daughter, she has an appointment tomorrow with our family doctor who has not seen me since before my surgery.  I wonder if he will notice.....  She is getting a vaccine tomorrow, bummer for her.

8.  My mom is having surgery right now, actually.  It is outpatient and she is only getting a local for it (YIKES!!!).  She has de Quervain's Disease.  Yeah, I didn't know exactly what it was either, until she told me.  Click the link to find out more.  :)

9.  I kinda got the tiniest bit anxious this morning when I was reminded that next year, I will have a teenager in the house.  How did THAT happen and where did my baby with the red hair go??

10.  Since I'm sharing baby pics and I need a #10, here's one of L too :)  (Please note:  the poor kid probably had food allergies the whole time and we didn't know, his eczema around his face we knew was bad but we didn't know why...poor kid)


  1. Isn't it funny with that protein stuff? I hate some things that other people just love. Personally, I have found the GNC Total Lean Shakes to be very high in protein and quite pallatable. I actually suggested to our dietician at our clinic that they host a protein swap so we could trade stuff because that stuff gets expensive!
    Also, your kids are adorable!

  2. How do they grow up so fast???

    Group counseling seems interesting! I have yet to attend a support group meeting post-surgery, but maybe I should look into that.

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Chelle, group couseling would be interesting, except, I'm the only one who keeps showing up!! Ugh! :) I haven't been to a support meeting either. And I have no idea how it happens, one day they are a cute little 2 year old in piggie tails the next week they want "preppy" clothes from Tommy Hilfiger for their birthday!

    Mel, thanks for the compliment! I'm so picky about my protein stuff too! The first one I bought was from Sam's Club, it was a Soy Whey Protein shake, um YUCK!! But, I was drinking it with water vs. skim milk. The next one I tried was Nectar Fuzzy Navel...ok, but still not a fan. Now I drink Body Fortress Super Whey Protein Shakes in either chocolate or strawberry with skim milk. Tastes just enough like chocolate or strawberry milk for me to put up with each morning!!

  4. Ugh. I've yet to find a good protein shake although some people swear by the Click ones.