Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh Lap Band and Autism, how are we going to work together?

So, my fun weekend we had planned, didn't quite go as well as I had hoped.  We still had fun, but what was supposed to be a ton of fun had a big, fat snag right in the middle.

My cousin who is a few hours south of us is having a sweet baby girl.  So, this weekend was her baby shower.  So my family, my parents and my aunt went down to her baby shower.  The first snag was the original hotel we booked, well let's just it wasn't quite up to par.  The rooms smelled and not in a good way.  My parents and aunt were sharing a room and their room had a dirty towel in it.  When we opened up the adjoining doors there was dirty sock between the two doors. So, need less to say, we quickly got our money back and left.

We then booked a more expensive hotel (but a lot nicer) and off the boys went to the hotel and we went to the shower.  She got sooooooo many cute baby girl clothes.  ADORABLE!!!!!  This baby is going to be in a sweet little dress every single day :)

We then went to eat at Outback.  Where my adorable, autistic boy decides at this moment to have a meltdown.  Sigh.  I am not a fan of listening to kids scream and yell in restaurants.  And especially when they are my own kids.  So, P took him out of the restaurant and came back in.  Then he proceeded to continue with his meltdown, so I took him out.  Finally, he calms down.  Now, usher in my band issues.  Did I mention I have potato problems?  Yeah, some lap band people can't do beef, some can't do chicken.  Apparently, I can't do potatoes.  I made the mistake of having a tiny section of the cheese fries (yes, I know they aren't on my "diet", but let me tell you the portion I had wasn't not nearly CLOSE to what I would have had pre-surgery).  My band was quite unhappy.  Not stuck per se, but close.  Had to sit for a bit and wait for it to move.  Dinner was good.  My husband shared his meal with me.  Had 2 oz. of a steak and some broccoli.

Ok, so the deal I made with L is that if he calmed down we could go back to the hotel and swim.  We get back to the hotel to find out that some one has had "an accident" by the pool or in the pool, whatever.  But the manager was on the way.  They cleaned it, disinfected it and took care of it.  We got it in.  Ok, I should have known better because I am a HUGE germ-a-phob, yep, BIGGEST snag (understatement of the year) because they didn't clean good enough!!!  I'm going to leave it with that!!!  Got everyone out of the pool where my son is now so unhappy he picks up the first thing he finds, which is our epi-pen bag, and tosses it into the disgusting pool.  Sigh.

So, we go upstairs to our room where everyone (except my husband who never got in the pool) gets a scrub down in the shower.  Then I sent my husband out for Clorex wipes to wipe down the hotel bathroom (I told you I had germ issues).

Are you laughing or feeling bad for me at this point???

The next day we meet my family for breakfast.  Breakfast is like the easiest band food at a restaurant for me.  Scrambled eggs, I usually can't go wrong.  But, I added mushrooms (which I do often) and ate a piece of bacon (first time since surgery) and my band was NOT happy with me at all.  Thought for sure I was going to have a PB episode again.  But, we managed to work it out and I just relaxed as much as possible.  Listened to my band.  Stopped eating, and just waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I finally got relief after we left.  A ton of gurgling while the food made it's way thru the band.

My NSV for the weekend.  We stopped at an outlet mall and my husband bought me a workout outfit.  It is 2 sizes smaller than what I normally would buy!!


  1. Yay for the smaller workout outfit!! Awesome. And BIG YUCK about the pool Ewww.

  2. Oh wow! Well, it sounds like you handled everything in stride. Congrats on the NSV!