Friday, July 13, 2012

To Blog or Not To Blog...

.....that is today's question.

I'm afraid if I get to into blogging today it'll be another "pity party" post.


I won't get into all my stress.  Instead what I am going to do is remember that God has got my back.  No matter come what may.  I have got to remember that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Onto band news....really, the same stinking 2 lbs. up and down, up and down.  I'm stuck on the same stinkin' 2 lbs.  Seriously.....

Does anyone have Zumba for Wii?

M is going to camp on Monday.  I have to get the laundry done so we can get packing.

L is going to be lost without M in the house all next week.

P does not have to work this weekend!  First one in a LONG time!!  Bad for money, woo hoo for some family time.

I'm going out with my lifelong girlfriends tonight to celebrate one of their birthday's!  Excited for that!  And one of their friend's is coming along and she had the sleeve done, so I am interested to compare some notes with her.

It's Friday.  There ya go!

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