Friday, July 20, 2012


M comes home from camp today!!

M and I are polar opposites.  She is quite like her dad.  She is quiet and reserved.  She likes sci-fi and super heroes.  I suspect if we allowed her to, she'd probably spend a lot of time with her dad watching Dr. Who, but alas, she's too young still :) 

By the way, a bit off topic, how is everyone liking the new Dr.?  We here in America are probably getting the show much later than those in the UK, but my husband does not care for the newest Dr.  Liked the previous one much more.  Ok, back on topic. 

She does like girly things too.  Jewelry and clothes.  But, in terms of being a social butterfly, well, no....she likes to keep close to home.  Has a few people in her life she really enjoys spending time with, hates the telephone and anything to do with it!

Me, I cannot stand sci-fi or super heroes, I am not a big fan of jewelry, but like clothes (oh man I wish I could spend some money right now, clothes are starting to get big and hang!!).  I am a TOTAL social butterfly.  Where there are people, there I am.  The more friends, the happier I am.  Love the phone, love to text.

OPPOSITES!!!  So, as a mama I worry about her in social situations.  How is she doing, how is she handling it without me guiding her, mind you, she's getting to an age where she is old enough to handle herself, but she is still a bit on the young side and still needs some guidance.

So, I sit here today in total anxiety-ridden mind wondering how her week went!!  I shall know soon enough!!!

I hope she had a fabulous week filled with fun, giggling, swimming, activities, snacks and learning about God!  I had great experiences at a camp very similar to this one and remember them to this day.

My tooth is well, it's ok.  Not horrible, not 100%.  I need to make an appointment to get a cap or crown or whatever from my regular dentist.  Band wise, this morning at my scale, I'm down 54.2!!

Did you do anything for yourself when you reached certain goals?  I have someone on Lap Band Talk who buys herself a Pandora bead every 10 lbs.  I have not done anything to treat myself.  I don't know if I am self loathing but I don't know if I "deserve" anything.  Thoughts???


  1. I like to do something when i reach certain goals. Not every 10 pounds... but when I lost 100 pounds the first time I bought myself a flower pendant necklace. I am trying to think of something for reaching 100 pounds lost (again). think I will get a FitBit. ;) It makes it more fun. work a little harder to reach that goal.

  2. I feel funny every time they change doctors or companions but Matt Smith will most definitely grow on you. It's very very odd being further ahead in the seasons than the US though.