Monday, July 9, 2012



I am going to the NP this morning. Just to check in. Ohhhh. I just remembered, gotta take the stairs!

I will have the kids in tow, that oughta be fun (insert sarcasm here)!

I have no idea why I'm nervous, I know I've lost a good amount of weight since my last visit 3 weeks ago, but I am quite sure it's the fact that I have been fluctuating the same stinking 2 lbs. all week long and I know what I've been doing wrong.

Do you get nervous that you are going to get "called out" for the wrong things you are doing?

Oh and by the way, did I ever tell you I got an answer about my calories? It only took like a week to get back to me (grrrrr). The nutriontist I normally speak to is on vacation. So the other one sent me a more updated suggested menu. She said the one I have is for gastric bypass patients. Huh? Why in the world would I have that? Anyway, I guess once she gets back she'll call me. In the meantime I guess I'll do my best and keep trucking along!

I'm probably going to do anothe post after my NP appointment so I'll talk to y'all later!

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