Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What are you doing today?

Well, it's a very stormy day where we are, very stormy!! It started at 6 am and has stopped a bit here and there, but a lot of thunder and lightening has been going on today. 

My day started at 6 am (unheard of at our house in the summer) when I heard something or someone in our house!  Kind of freaked me out.  Then I heard the pitter patter of little feet come in my bedroom along with the 6 year old crawling into my bed!  Guess the storm must of woke him up too.

So, we kind of hung out a little this morning, just me and L.  I got a few more winks while he played with the iPad.  I had a quick dream where I had 3 kids, M was still my oldest and two more kids and L was visiting one of my kids but was someone else's at church.  In my dream, he called "his mom" on the phone.  I woke up very upset at the idea of this precious little boy not being mine.  I think the Lord was gently reminding me how awesome it is to be the mom of such great kids!

Speaking of great kids, we spent yesterday just me and my kids, at the wave pool!!!!!  It was hot!  The pool was cool enough!  I got a ton of exercise in the water with the two of them making sure no one went under (FYI, L wears a life jacket still!!!!).  And boy, am I feeling it today!  We all have a little pink to show it and fatigue to match.  Good thing it's a rainy day to catch up, huh?

In Band news, I'm doing pretty well.  My lunch tried to PB on me, but I just stayed relaxed and everything stayed down.  I think I am at a good restriction, I just ate too quickly.  Gotta stop doing that.  When do I have to stop using the excuse this is still new???

Also, gotta still up my calories!!  Close on the protein, still a bit too high on the carbs....too low on the calories.  I'm going to get this!!!! 

Lastly, in 0.2 lbs. I will be officially at 50 lbs.  I cannot believe it.  I lost 25 in pre-op and then it will be another 25 in post-op (my surgery was 6 weeks ago Monday).  When I see that on the screen, in black and white, I get excited.  It puts it in perspective!  I am doing this people!!!!

Oh wait, I guess that wasn't last, new NSV, my bathing suit from last year that was too tight.....too loose!

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  1. You go, girl! I had a set back last month and still haven't reached my 50 pound mark, but I am just a poind or so away!!