Thursday, July 12, 2012

Does misery love company?

My dental work did not go as planned.

That being said I ended up back at the dentist yesterday. He sanded down the high spot on the tooth and I was told that could solve the problem. He told me to take an anti-immflamitory for 3 days and if that doesn't make it feel better then go see the endodontist and have a root canal.

Here's the problem. 3 days of the meds actually puts me at Saturday morning. I doubt he does root canals on Saturday. And I can't go on Monday because I have to take M to camp. So basically I'm stuck with tooth pain for almost a week.

Sorry to complain to you all.

Ugh. So, how are you feeling today?


  1. I so hate dentists and tooth pain! I hope the filing down helps.

  2. In my opinion, nothing is worst than tooth pain. I'm so sorry you're having to wait it out.

    I'm feeling pretty good compared to that. LOL

  3. Thanks guys. No such luck. Feeling pretty bad tonight.

  4. ooooh. You poor thing. I would call Friday if it hasn't helped. Good luck.