Thursday, July 19, 2012

Don't Drink Water.....

....before having a root canal!!!!


I have been having an awful time getting in my 64 oz. since my surgery, so one my new little tricks is anytime I'm getting out and about, grab a couple bottles of water and down them while in the car.

Such a bad idea yesterday.

I had to go 3 times before they even started and once when they were done. It was 2 hours of being there.

Ok, I won't even tell you the fun time going on in my mouth right now. Let's just say I think that I'll be on full liquids for a bit but one up side is that I have already noticed the cold sensitivity is gone!

Since I'm a stay at home mom, I have the luxury of being able to sleep in until my kids get up (I know rough life, right?). Since M is still at camp and L is still asleep, the only reason I'm up right now is because I had to get up to take some pain meds. So, I'm going to wait for those to kick in and maybe sleep a bit longer before seeing what the boy and I can "gently" get into today - ouch :(

Have a good one cyber peeps!!


  1. Thank you! I finally gave up and took the anti-inflammatory the dentist last week gave me. What a difference that made. I went from miserable to at least tolerable.

    How's your week going Sarah?