Friday, June 1, 2012

About Us

How do you like the new design?

I spent most of the morning today trying to figure it all out. I think it looks rather nice :) It took me forever to try to figure out how to get that lap band pic off and the pic of our family on!!!

I thought maybe I would sort of introduce us as I would be talking about us a lot. I won't be giving out names per-se but wanted you to know a little about us. That's me on the right, you can call me B. Actually it's funny because when I was a team lead on a project for work that's what the girls on my team called me. I'm 36 and right now I'm a stay at home mom. This changes...a lot. I have a job that allows for a lot of flexibility. They call me in for projects as needed. So, it's very nice for us.

On the left is my oh so handsome, younger man for a husband, we will call him P. He is SLIGHTLY younger than me! We have been together since he and I were 16 & 17 years old (see I said slightly). We will be married 15 years this year. He works for one of the "Big 3". He recently had his 6th knee surgery and has had a tremendous amount of pain over the last few years getting over the hump of pain issues. He is still having some, but seems to be getting on the other side of it. I am so grateful to God for that! It has been a long journey for him.

Next to me with the bright red hair (SURPRISE to us!!) is our beautiful tween M. She is a middle schooler. She is sassy and quiet all at the same time! She is quite grown in up in some respects and quite young still in others. Which in our day in age you don't see much of any more. Everyone is in such a hurry to be so grown up. I'm guilty of wanting her to grow up a bit too fast too. She is very smart, does pretty well in most subjects in school. Has grown up so much in respects to school this year. She is very talented in terms of the arts. She loves art in general, but also loves to sing and acting as well. She also loves sci-fi. M is also very girly into jewelry and clothes. So, not your typical girl!! How awesome! She's her own person and is so confident in that!!

Last, but certainly not least is L! He is our very busy, very handsome kindergartener!! Oh so smart he is. Reading at a higher grade level and does math like a wiz!! He is also very artistic. L is quite the opposite of his sister. She is quiet and keeps to herself, L is loud and all over the place, busy and cannot sit still to save his life! L is on the ASD spectrum. Which means he is on the autism spectrum. He has been in school since he was 2 years old for early intervention. It has been awesome!! We had one teacher tell us she has never had a child with autism have such a vast vocabulary before! Kid never is quiet :) He is in a general education class with NT children. What this means is that he is in a regular classroom with neurotypical children (kids, like any other kids) and he gets special education help on the side (i.e., a para-professional to help him throughout his day, speech therapy, occupational therapy, a visual schedule of his day to help him know what's coming up next).

One more thing about L is he suffers from severe food allergies. The food he is the most allergic to and the scariest for us is peanuts. We carry with us at all times 2 epi-pens and benedryl. Why 2 pens? Well, because a I read a book The Peanut Allergy Answer Book and in it it said that you should always have 2 in case 1 misfires or if you are in a rural area and the paramedics cannot get to in time and you have another anaphylactic attack then you would automatically have a backup (smart, right??).

Ok, so that's our little family that you will hear about from time to time!! TTYL!!!! It's Friday everyone!!!!

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