Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's Sunday!!

What goes on at our house on Sunday may be quite different, it may be quite similar. We all get up and run around the house getting ready for church. Rather, I get up for church take my shower because everyone else in my house is still asleep because they all take showers the night before so that they can sleep in longer. I then wake everyone up and start coordinating everyone to do what they need to do to get us out of the house on time. I mean after all isn't that a mom's job?

Today, I did not get a passing grade on being a mom. We were late for church. I hate being late. For anything. It drives me crazy. First we left the house late and then we had to stop to get gas. Because there was no way I was driving all the way to church in "hopes" that we could make it to a gas station after!

Anyway, usually after church we have lunch at a restaurant with family or friends. Today we met my parents at Max & Erma's (yes again). I thought I had such great luck there last week that maybe they would be able to fill my request for just the broth from French onion soup and applesauce again. No luck. We had picked a different Max & Erma's. When they brought my "broth" out it had a bunch of onions floating around....sigh. Still on full liquids so it was a no go. I had to tell the waiter I couldn't have it couldn't they just strain them out and he said they couldn't. So, when the manager stopped by I explained last week they did and this week they didn't, he was very apologetic and compensated us nicely for it (a 25% discount for today's meal and a $10 gift card), but I still only had applesauce. But, it was very kind of him to think about me. He said there was no reason they couldn't have done it and they should have never told me there wasn't something they couldn't do.

I'm excited to go to the doctor this week and see my NP and see what their scale says and what foods I can' have next. I know I am at least at 35.4 lbs.

Ok, so now we are all doing things that we want to relax with the exception of M who has to work on homework for finals in the next couple of weeks!!

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  1. As if a restaurant wouldn't have a strainer. Please... Sounds like a nice Sunday overall...