Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My first Lap Band Fill

I have a big packet of info from my nutritionist I got the last time I was at the clinic. She gave me all the info I would need to progress in my diet over the pureed to soft to regular food periods. And as I was looking over the regular foods, I noticed what was expected of me for dinner. 3 oz. No, not 3 oz. of protein. 3 oz. Yikes! Knowing that and knowing that I am stuck now in that bandster time frame where I could eat anything again, yep, I fell into that, I called the clinic.

My PA (oops, sorry I stated early she was an NP, she's not, she's a PA) said I could call earlier than my scheduled appointment if I thought I needed an adjustment or fill earlier (thank goodness) so I took her up on her offer!

I went in today. Remember in my previous post how I said she told me she would be aggressive, she wasn't kidding. She put in 5 cc's in my 11 cc band. Took 2 sips of water and she said you need some out. Instant "gurgling" (the only way I can explain the feeling or sensation - if you are a bandster you may get it) on the second sip.

She took out maybe less than 1 cc after. I was told to take it easy, full liquids today, purees tomorrow, softs Thursday and officially back to regular foods for the first time in a month on Friday. If I don't need her to take anymore out. I still feel a little in my throat. So, I'm thinking I may need to go back. I just drank 4 oz. of a protein shake and didn't really feel like it was much of a problem though......

So tell me my fellow lap-banders, what were your first fill experiences like? Similar? Completely different? I thought before was interesting now comes the interesting part I think, finding that green zone.

Also, I don't know if this will be considered a NSV or not (probably not, since it is related to my scale) but my BMI has already dropped 7 points!!! (EDITED TO SAY: it's actually 6.1 points. Opps!!!) YEAH!! Really that right there is starting to bring tears to my eyes!

Starting to try to get out there and walk more too. My mother-in-law kept my kids while I was at my appointment so when we got home my goal was to walk for 40 mins. with them in our neighborhood. It is getting close to 90 degrees, which doesn't sound like much fun, but we have a lot of shaded areas so it wasn't too bad, but after 20 mins. L was COMPLAINING so we started to head home. I ended up getting in 31 mins. So, not too bad considering.

Lastly a quick update on my dad (I want his permission before giving a MAJOR update), he's home and resting and did well with what he had to do today!!!

Also edited to add: I took the stairs to the clinic today! Lap Band Gal said on her blog one day that she had made a promise to herself that once she had her surgery that she would only take the stairs to her clinic. Well, I missed my first post-op appointment, but what a great idea! So, today I did!! Can't wait until I'm not out of breath!


  1. Great job on the stairs! One of my very first lapband changes was to take the stairs at work. Small changes add up to big differences! My first fill appointment was rather a nonevent. Surgeon put some in there, I drank the water, it went down fine and home I went. I NEVER feel much of a difference with my day of liquids. Real food makes the difference. :)

  2. Thanks Manda! Real food, huh? Thanks for the tip!! I have to sllllooooowwwwwlly move to "real food". Friday will be my true test :) Look out chicken, here I come ;)