Thursday, June 28, 2012

To My Blog Followers

I feel honored that you are following my story!

I get sooo excited to see when someone leave me comments!!!

I want to make sure that if you are a blogger as well, I am following you! So, if you get a chance to stop by and leave a comment, don't forget to let me know about your blog ;)

Today is a hot one here!!! We are enjoying the air conditioning.

Yesterday was a CRAZY band day as you can tell from my two previous posts.

First my "I don't know what I am doing" post and then my "I threw up on Applebee's sidewalk" post. But, what I didn't tell you is I also joined a gym, ya know the I pick things up and put them down one. It's really convenient hours-wise, plus they really gave me the feel that they are a no judgment zone. My plan is to go and just walk the treadmill right now until I feel really recovered from the surgery and then go from there!!

I did my first 40 minutes yesterday and plan on going again today! I hope I keep up with the motivation!!!!

Oh and you know how I told you I sent my nutritionist a note on questions, she's on vacation for a while!!!! Ugh! So my NP (yes, I said NP then I thought she was a PA now I know she's an NP.....I swear I am much brighter than I seem on this blog) told me to tell my questions to her and she would do the best she could answering them.

Stay cool everyone!!

Don't forget to send me a comment on what your blog is like!!! Let's get to know each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. You go girl! Joining the gym has been a struggle for me since surgery. I used to love to run back in younger days; now I just have a little one to chase and so much to do...I've just been trying to be gentle with myself about that one.
    I, too, have a blog. I write about a little of everything there. Come on by for a visit if you get a chance:
    It's great to find people to share the journey with!